Learn How To Ride An Electric Skateboard – Beginners Guide

The riding of high-tech Electric Skateboards can make your routine journey more easy-going and time-saving. For beginners to get a steady ride on your Electric Skateboard, it is mostly advised to learn how to ride an electric skateboard and develop a good understanding of its controlling system.

To ride an Electric Skateboard, discover your foot placement and choose the electric board’s correct natural stance. Then explore using remote control features and get prepared with the acceleration and hitting up of brakes. Moreover, practice these steps to learn the necessary skills of Electric Skateboarding.

Riding an Electric Skateboard and getting prepared with the throttle’s opening and hitting the brakes could be tricky and that’s what we are also going to learn down below.

How To Ride An Electric Skateboard? (Beginners Guide)

Riding an Electric Skateboard and getting prepared with the throttle’s opening and hitting the brakes could be tricky and that’s what we are also going to learn down below.

 To proceed, ensure that you have the right board as a beginner, and if you do not, check here to learn about some of the best electric skateboards for beginners

1. Find Your Skateboard Footing

The first step of riding an Electric Skateboard is choosing your front and back foot. The two ways of Skateboard footing are known as stances. The regular stance is used when you place the left foot at the front. In contrast, the goofy stance is preferred when the right foot is placed at the front.

 To find out your exact Skateboard footings apply the following tricks 

Kick the ball trick: The foot used to kick the ball will be your back foot. The front foot needs to be at rest and maintain your balance on the electric Skateboard.

Walk up the stair trick: The foot used to step up the stair must be at the back of your Skateboard.

Get help with the friend trick:  Ask your friend for a sweeping push-off from behind. The foot which prevents you from falling is your back foot. You can also hold your friend’s hand to get comfortable with your natural stance.

Thus, you can follow many other tricks to discover; the back foot will be your working foot while the front foot will hold your weight and maintain balance. This guide can also help you learn how to stand on a skateboard without falling.

2. Master Your Stance To Ride An Electric Skateboard

 electric skateboard stance

The second step for you as a beginner is to perfect your stance on the electric board. You can get your perfect posture by placing both your feet shoulder-width apart. To get hold of your balance, bend your knees at specific angles. It will also help you in making smoother turns. Avoid leaning too forward or backward while adjusting your movements.

Here are a few stances that can help you learn how to ride an Electric Skateboard:

The wider and stable snowboard stance:  It is considered to be the natural stance. You have to place the front foot at a 10-degree angle and the back foot at a 0-degree angle. It can work best at both low and high speeds. Extend your arms wide enough for stable turns.

The curvy surf stance: For Skateboarding tricks with more sweeping curves, place both feet at a 15-degree angle. The back foot must be in the middle of the board.

The Turbo riders speed stance: For riding Electric Skateboard at the speed of 18mph, place the back foot at the end of your board and perpendicular to it. Next, lean a little forward to lift the heels of your back foot.

To get your body and board in a balancing position, make your front and back knees get in touch with each other. Thus, this stance will also help you avoid wind resistance for a smooth turn.

3. Learn Using Wireless Remote Control

electric skateboard remote control

To ride an Electric Skateboard, you need to get a complete knowledge of the wireless remote control. It will help you communicate with your e-board. For this reason, you will need to become familiar with each of its features and practice the tricks lead by it in an open space.

To get started with the remote controls, either pull the big trigger on the back side of it or push forward the slide button at the front side.

Now, be ready to open the throttle of your electric Skateboard!

4. Get Prepared With The Acceleration

speed up electric skateboard

The Electric Skateboards get started with great acceleration power. To avoid getting a flip off your e-board, shift your body weight at the back. Next, lean forward and bend your knees in a squat position. By lowering your posture correctly, the body becomes lighter.

Let your weight get shifted towards the center of gravity with the help of the front foot. Try to bend your front foot more as compared to your back foot. Avoid placing the back foot at the end of your electric board to keep it balanced.

Hence, you will get hold of your e-board once you secure the initial acceleration. It becomes comfortable to shift your body weight around the board.

You can also choose to start your Electric Skateboard with a Kick-Pushing to save energy and battery charge.

5. Learn to Hit Safe Brakes

how do electric skateboards brake

The last step of riding your Electric Skateboard is to hit the brakes correctly. It is the reverse action of acceleration. Shift your body weight towards the front. Next, lean backward and bend your Knees in a low squat posture.

Your front foot muscles get tightened and stable before you hit the remote control brakes. It will also help your weight get shifted towards the front with less intensity. It is recommended to practice hitting the brakes safely, so you can easily handle them during an emergency.

The Electric Skateboard usually goes the right way as it consists of its regenerative braking system. But it may get stopped due to less charging, no battery inside the board, or any uncertain technical fault.

In case you get stuck with the automatic brakes while riding your electric Skateboard, figure out the following manual brake methods:

Foot Brake

Place your front foot gently the sideways in the direction of your Electric Skateboard. Focus on getting enough friction to get your back foot on the road surface gradually. Thus the speed of your e-board will get slow, and you will be able to get stopped.

Emergency Brake

When any foot brakings, carving, or sliding are out of action, try to get off the board and run beside it. Walk at a slow pace to get hold of your board. If your Electric Skateboard is at high speed, you must jump off the board on a soft surface.

6. Electric Skateboard Turning

turning on an electric skateboard

Cruising and carving on an electric Skateboard will get polished with your practice. You need to adjust the kingpin tightness to know your best turns. For looser trucks, you will have less stability but more easy turns. In comparison, tighter trucks will serve you more strength and less ability to turn.

When you lean forward, the truck gets in the direction. Avoid leaning backward if losing balance. Instead, lean into the turn slightly with your knees bending further. It may sound unreasonable at first, but soon you will get a hold of your board.

To make smoother turns move your body weight either towards your toes (front-side turn) or heels (back-side turn).

Always keep your head in the direction of your e-board. If using a regular stance, your heel side would make you turn left, and the toe side turn is towards the right. In contrast, it is the direct opposite in a goofy stance.

Tips On How To Ride An Electric Skateboard With Safety

electric skateboards safety

For a healthy Skateboarding activity, you must ensure to ride an Electric Skateboard with proper safety. Some of the useful tips on how to use an Electric Skateboard are as follows:

1. Select Best Electric Skateboard for beginners

The Electric longboards have a more flexible deck that allows holding your body weight properly. It also makes your turning smoother by handling the rough roads with a built-in suspension system. You can try self-riding Skateboard/OneWheel as it is best to practice on an e-board with moderate speed.

Some of the best beginner’s Electric Skateboards are:

  • Boosted dual +
  • Teamgee H20
  • Meepo V3
  • WowGo3

2. Become familiar with the right fall

To avoid finding yourself in a rescue position while riding an electric board, you must practice the fall. It will save you from getting major injuries with already performed tricks.

3. Maintenance of your Electric Skateboards is a must

For better performance of Skateboard, maintain your board. You need to check its parts regularly and charge the battery and remote control properly.

4. Watch out for the riding time and place

Make sure you use headlights while driving in the evening or at night. Also, check out your surroundings while riding on board to prevent obstacles. Furthermore, skateboarding in the rain will also damage your board.

5. Start riding on an electric Skateboard with a basic level

Always practice with the necessary skills first to get mastered in the tricks.

6. Wear safety equipment (Boost your self-confidence)

You must wear proper safety gear such as helmets, pads, gloves. Along with that dress like a skater so you are comfortable and stylish at the same time. They will serve you as protection from any damage.

When it gets dark, electric skateboard lights are essential for E-board riders. Since most drivers on the road are unaware of the skaters; therefore, they may not notice you and hit you accidentally, and the lights will ensure your safety and security.

7. Know the skateboarding laws

Are electric skateboards legal in your state, and what do I need to follow for my safety and those around me?

You should first check your local regulations, limits, and safety measures regarding electric skateboards.


To wrap up, you can learn to ride an Electric Skateboard smoothly with the following above-mentioned step-by-step guide. All you need to do is choose your correct placement of footing and get into your proper stance.

You will have to practice using the remote control to open the throttle and hit the brakes. The most critical steps of riding an e-board are to maintain a proper balance and make smooth turns.

You must ride an Electric Skateboard for beginners for better performance. Check out the beginner’s board in the above section! We recommend practicing the ride on Electric Skateboard at a moderate speed and starting with the necessary skills.

Lastly, regularly maintain your board to avoid getting stuck in a difficult situation. Even if you get caught, be prepared for the emergency brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Are Electric Skateboards easier to ride?

Yes, it is easy to ride Electric Skateboards with good practice of using the remote control. It would help if you started with electric longboards to get hold of your balance. With a proper natural stance and adjustment of movements, you can easily get in the appropriate direction.

How to ride an electric skateboard during a traffic jam?

Drive on the following pathways to avoid getting caught in traffic while riding your Electric Skateboard:

A bicycle lane is separated from streets. It is familiar and safe to Skateboard on these lanes. Another option is to Skateboard on the streets. It gets much easier to ride on the wider streets. Avoid low-quality pavements and streets consisting of potholes, rails, and bumps. You can also ride on the sidewalks. It is recommended to drive at moderate speed.

Should I buy an Electric Skateboard?

Yes, you can buy an Electric Skateboard as it can make your daily routine journey more flexible. It is an excellent source of a healthy lifestyle as you get to perform an exercise. It will help you keep the environment clean and green.

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