Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Be Safer With These Tips

Electric skateboard riding solo or with friends offers the thrill and speed along with an urge to discover more is a fun thing to do, but the question is: Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Skating on an electric skateboard can be unsafe as they can attain the maximum speed of 30 kph, endangering the rider’s life. But with all the safety precautions like wearing safety gear and being vigilant on the roads can provide a safe and joyful experience.

When it comes to one’s safety before involving oneself in a particular activity, it is necessary to have all the information about that activity.

Likewise, to handle all your worries beforehand, it is best to learn about the safety measures while riding an electric skateboard. It includes the protective gears used while riding and the safest electric skateboard for all riders.

Safety Tips for Riding Electric Skateboard

safety tips for riding electric skateboard

With all of the news hovering all around the globe about road accidents surfing on a board that can go up to 20miles/hour could ring the bells in one’s head. But with the safety measures and being vigilant to avoid the horror of road incidents, you can save yourself from unwanted dangers.

So, before You Head Out, Make Sure The Following Things Are Being Taken Care Of:

1- Watch The Weather

It’s not a good idea to go boarding when it’s raining or snowfall as these weather conditions can cause the roads to be slippery and damp; a sunny day will be the best suited day for boarding.

2- Maintenance of Your Board

While being a machine, the skateboard also needs maintenance; always check for the broken pieces which need repairs or replacement before going out. Make sure your hoard is working correctly.

3- Learn Your Remote and Do Not Overcharge The Board

Have some time with your remote so that you can be familiar with the controls. Batteries don’t play well with the overcharge. They might explode. Do not overcharge your battery; instead, when it is near 100%, remove the plug.

4- Always use Protective Gears

Heading out on the road without protective gear is a big NO-NO! Always use proper gear, which includes a helmet, the padding which will cover your arms and legs, the shoes with a soul that has a firm grip avoid using slippery shoes, use reflective best on your body as well as reflectors on your board, so that you are visible at night too!!

Five Electric Skateboard Safety Gears You Must Put On

Electric Skateboard Safety Gears

By following the safety measures, you are partially safe, but wearing the safety gear before going on to the road makes the safety complete. Following are the safety gears which you should be putting on :

1- The Helmet

Deaths reported in the accidents globally show the leading cause of death or injury is not wearing a helmet. The head is a vital part of the human body while speeding or being on a bike, skateboard, or even in a sports car; it’s mandatory to wear a rough and tough helmet for safety.

The helmet not only safeguards the head from a fall but also keeps your hair smooth and dust-free.

2- Padding

Using the pads around the wrists, elbows, and knees prevents you from injury, in case you fall off the board or get into an accident, as the road contains germs, and on a fall even from a minor scratch, you can get an infection.

Padding not only keeps you safe from these scratches but also plays a vital role in the significant impulse created by the collision with the road.

3- Skateboard Shoes

Always use rough and tough shoes, having a firm grip and a soul with a decent amount of treading. As they will allow you to have a firm grip over your board and on the road, too, in case your breaks fail during the ride. Do not use everyday slippery shoes or slippers to avoid slipping off of the board.

4- Wear Shades

Always use shades concealed with your eyes; these types of shades are specially designed for sports. They also prevent the air and dust particles from entering the eyes; they provide a decent amount of shade if you are boarding in hot summer and the sun is shining; these will not allow the sunshine to bother you. Instead, they will provide relaxation.

5- Reflection Vest and Reflectors

The safety gear must include the reflective vests on your body and the different reflectors on your board. They will enhance your visibility enabling the traffic to see you in any direction if you are boarding in the evening or even at night when there is not enough light; they will see you by the reflection of their lights.

Electric Skateboards On The Road – Safety Measures You Need To Follow

Electric Skateboards On The Road

1- Dress for the slide, not for the ride

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should always be prepared for the fall. If you ignore the fall or the accident, you might get in some serious trouble. It’s always a good thing to be prepared for a mishap.

2- Choose a safe route

Always pick a safe route for boarding where there is less to no traffic; this will save you from unwanted trouble.

3- Board with friends

Going out alone can sometimes get messy, so it’s better to go boarding with your friends in a group. It will increase the number of senses enough to observe the surrounding road conditions actively. Also, you guys will be there for one another in case of an emergency.

4- Follow the laws

Find out whether electric skateboards are legal in your city or not? Going against the laws is illegal as well as it’s not a good idea either. Breaking the rules might get you in some serious trouble by the traffic police also; the chances are you might get into an accident, risking your life, so it’s always good to play safe to avoid any trouble.

5- On-road experience

The road experience, the road sense, and the common sense are the things that are your savior on the road while boarding; the decisions you make, and the reflexes you follow will take you safely to your destination, and they will save your life. Make sure that you have enough of all of these.

6- Pay attention to your surroundings while not being distracted

It’s always a good idea to be familiar with your surroundings all the time as it will prepare you for the upcoming trouble or situation. While doing so, make sure that you do not get distracted by your surrounding objects, people, and places because it can lead to trouble. There is a thin line between being vigilant and being distracted; know that you will be safe.

7- Slow down if you are not sure

Speed, it’s thrilling! But sometimes, it can be deadly if you do not know the track you are on; if you get into a situation like the best thing, you can slow down and judge the path and move forward; otherwise, you will get into an accident.

8- Learn to Fall Safely

Just like a vehicle electrical board is a machine that can be malfunctioned in some ways, let’s say the breaks aren’t working, if you are a new rider, you do not know how to break a fall so that you can be safe by getting as much less damage as possible. It is a life-saving skill that you should get familiar with.

9- Observe the Traffic

When enjoying your ride with friends, always make sure that you have a complete map of the road and the traffic around you to make instant judgments to prevent yourself from getting into an accident.

Best Recommended Electric Skateboard

Technology is advancing day by day, offering many eye-catching options for electric skateboards, many of which drastically attracted consumers. Of them, Meepo V3 is the best-selling electric skateboard right now due to its fulfilling clients’ needs and ensuring safe rides.

Why Meepo V3 is the Best?

This electric skateboard is simple of excellence in the Skateboard market as it offers many of the features that most of the rivals out there might be missing to show:

  • It is a handy e-sk8 board that makes it easy to be carried around.
  • It has a burst of power, which enhances the acceleration so that there are no vibrations.
  • The price is affordable as compared to the other electrical skateboards.
  • It can achieve a speed of 30-kilometer per hour while on a single charge, it can cover a distance of 18 kilometers.
  • It has a battery warranty of 20000 cycles.
  • The Meepo V3 requires zero to less maintenance.
  • The tires installed are of such a pattern that riders can use them on a flat or slightly rough road. Also, it can be used as a weekend cruiser and a commuter.
  • The braking system is reliable as it has enough stopping power to be stopped at any speed.


Riding an electric skateboard is all about fun, discovering more, having some thrill, and being adventurous too but lacking the knowledge about it may cause some harm to people around you.

Always make sure to be in proper riding gear and then follow the rules and regulations to be safe and to keep others safe. Ride safe and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Use an Electric Skateboard in the Rain?

It is usually safe for the skateboard as most are waterproof and do not get affected by it. Because the components used in them are ISO-certified and are prone to water damage, but when it comes to boarding them on the slippery road, they might turn dangerous due to the slippery road.

Many manufacturers provide the surety of their product's brake system, but as the road gets tricky, it might cause you to break to lose grip on the tires.

How to Ride an Electric Skate Board Safely?

Skateboards are dangerous for features, but practicing and learning the required skills may make it easy and safe furthermore, the board itself is not complex. Still, the danger lies on the road, as there is always a chance of an accident. All you can do is take safety measures and wear safety gear to prevent any harm.

Is it Safe to Speed on an Electric Skateboard?

Speeding itself is unsafe, but it gives a chilling sensation to your body. That's why it's tempting too. Racing on an electric skateboard is also a hazardous act to be involved in, especially if you are new to this; speeding might not be a good idea.

As it can achieve the speed of 30 kph, which itself is a high speed, but if you are familiar with your machine and also have road experience, you can always try speeding, but it's not recommended, though.

Can a Battery in an Electric Skateboard Explode?

No, a battery on its own cannot explode, most batteries nowadays are shock, heat, and water-resistant, so there is nothing to worry about the Rain, the jolts, or the hot summer.

Still, it would be best to keep in mind that never overcharges your battery as it can put stress on the battery and might explode on you. The best thing to prevent them from exploding is to charge them until they show a complete sign or remove the cable just before it hits the 100% mark. It will increase the battery's health also prevents it from exploding.

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