10 Things To Know Before You Start Skateboarding In Rain

Skating in rain can be troublesome, as the skateboard will get damaged on wet surfaces. Additionally, skating in the rain may disrupt the wheels’ functioning, which would result in injuries.

Skateboarding in the rain can cause the skateboard surface and its parts to get wet and accumulate rust in the trucks’ metallic pieces, including bearings, bolts, and nuts. The Deck will also become waterlogged and, in turn, make the grip tape wear out. So, it is not recommended to skate in the rain or through puddles.

Considering every risk and before getting into the spur-of-the-moment decision, you need to be very careful. It is mostly advised to dry and lubricate the wheels and bearings beforehand going out for a ride if you have a wet Skateboard.

Even if you get caught, find suitable ways down below to know how to recover your waterlogged Skateboard and where to skate when it rains.

Why you should not skateboard in the rain?

A wet pavement will usually make you suffer while you look forward to trying some new tricks with skateboarding. Although you may find it easy to kickflip in the rain like a pro skateboarder. But it also makes you slip and damage the skateboard if you lose balance due to slippery surfaces.

However, if your skateboard is waterlogged, you can learn in this article how to prevent your skateboard from getting wrecked and explore the best alternative pathways if you want to skate in the rain.

Some of the highlighted risks that may cause harm to your skateboard are as follows:

1. Deck gets waterlogged and warped

 waterlogged skateboard deck

Skateboarding in the rain will eventually perforate plywood layers with water and lose its adhesive, which allows the Deck to be firm. Also, this filling up of water will make the board out of shape and get it warped.

If you practice skateboarding in the rain consistently, Deck’s main body will gradually become waterlogged. Thus, all these circumstances will lead to an imbalance in skateboarding and a more troublesome adventure.

2. Grip Tape becomes ready to peel off

skateboard grip tape peeling off

Another factor of the annoyance of skateboarding in the rain is leaving your grip tape wet. Although you may consider replacing it, it will, in the end, become smoother and slippery and may lead to your sliding off the skateboard.

More importantly, once the skateboard gets prone to the water, it will not only make the grip tape peel off, but the whole board will become irreplaceable.

3. Bearings will accumulate rust and wear out

skateboard bearings rusted

Indeed a good set of bearings will do a great job while trying new skills if it’s showering outside. Also, if you are good at taking care of your bearings by letting them dry after skateboarding, then there’s No Big Deal!

However, if the bearings are exposed to rain and oxidation continuous exposure, they will quickly get covered up in rust. Thus, you may find it impossible to have smoother movements.

4. Wheels are all set to lose their grip

loose skateboard wheels

You are indeed not in a mood to fall off your skateboard. So, it would help if you were very cautious while setting up for a ride on a rainy day.

You may find skating easy to handle in the rain as the wheels are smoother and possess less grip, which will begin to slide with any easy-going tactic on wet pavement. Once you come up with the slide, it would undoubtedly turn out to be an uninvited mess.

5. Well-built Trucks will set off to rust

rust on skateboard trucks

Even the heavy parts of skateboards can get deteriorated over time when you choose to skate in the rain. Beware! The prominent enemy of metals is rust, which will significantly affect the kingpin, washers, and axle nuts to suffer.

Try to dry your skateboard as soon as possible and apply lubricants to the impaired parts to avoid uncertainties.

How to Tell If Your Skateboard Is Waterlogged?

how to tell if your skateboard is waterlogged

A waterlogged skateboard will feel three times as heavy as you elevate, and the sound will be dull. You can easily notice a difference in the ride and the smoothness of the board.

You can also examine the grip tape as it will get warped and deformed, the grip tape will lose its elasticity and starts to peel off, and scratches and splitting will appear on the skateboard.

Pay attention to the deck. Is there a warp or dip in the deck? Use a level to check for straightness. Look at the board’s edges and notice whether they are sharp or smooth.

Examine the glue on each layer of grip tape. Is it sticky anymore? If not, all layers may have cracked and your board may break in two.

Some other technical inspections to tell if your skateboard is waterlogged are:

  • The irritating thud sound produced when you try a trick on a hard surface
  • A waterlogged Skateboard will make a less bounce
  • The three-time heavier weight of the skateboard is the precise evidence

How to dry a Waterlogged Skateboard?

A Skateboard neglected under the rain for hours will be of no avail.

However, you can restore your waterlogged skateboard straight away if you follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, you should always carry a towel to wipe out the water instantly and help prevent water absorption on the Deck.
  • Disassemble the trucks’ metallic pieces and dry each part of it completely.
    Next, disconnect the wheels and bearings from the skateboard and clean them up thoroughly by Q-tip.
  • Apply the Skateboard lube to your wheels and bearings for better traction.
  • You can place your Skateboard deck under the sun or inside a room with a warm temperature by letting it dry naturally.
  • Avoid using heating materials as it may affect the resin.
  • Lastly, recollect the dried parts of your skateboard and assemble them back in their exact position to avoid any errors.

Where to Skate when it Rains?

You will, for sure, feel picky while wondering where to skate when it’s pouring outside. A local indoor spot may sound boring because it won’t give the thrill of fresh air.

Therefore, you can go for outdoor covered areas. Also, a well-maintained skatepark or Hanger will accommodate your worries for the day.

Other places that may suit your surroundings include underground parking, deserted warehouses, and stations. Most notably, always be on your guard and wear protective gear, and skate at slow speed in these areas.

Here are some of the other activities that can be enjoyable if you can’t find any covered area and are forced to stay at home:

  • You can watch Skateboarding TV Series and try to figure out the new tricks at your place.
  • Go for the realistic Skating video games when stuck at home due to bad weather conditions.
  • If you are a participant in Skateboarding competitions, pick up a DIY Craft idea to transform your Skateboard Deck into a stylish piece of artwork for upcoming projects.
  • You can also convert your regular skateboard to an electric skateboard if you’re a technical person and would like to ride an electric skateboard.
  • Additionally, you might even be better off purchasing a water-resistant electric skateboard from the start.


Skateboarding in the rain will appear to be dangerous unless you are an untroubled person. It will undoubtedly play a trick upon your skateboard by getting the Deck warped and soaked in water and turning the metallic truck and bearings into rusty stuff.

Although if you get yourself stuck by turning the skateboard waterlogged, immediately clear up the surfaces and dry them out. You will also need to disassemble and assemble them correctly and lubricate the wheels for better functioning.

Carefully speculate the sound and weight of the skateboard before using it again for new tricks.

Lastly, prevent yourself from getting tumbled down across a puddle during the rain outside, and always choose to skateboard in sheltered areas and make your ride worth enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can Electric Skateboards get wet?

Although Electric Skateboards tend to be waterproof, they surely don't minimize rain's effect on getting the bearings and trucks to cover in rust. Continuous exposure to the rain conditions may lead even the high IP boards to malfunction their electric drive system. Always choose higher IP Electric Skateboards to prevent the risks of getting damaged from water.

Can you ride an electric skateboard in the rain?

Riding an Electric Skateboard in the rain for a short period will not cause any significant harm; however, it is usually recommended to immediately dry the skateboard's wet parts to avoid improper electric functioning. To prevent any damage to the battery and motor, you can use water seals or adhesives.

Can you skateboard on wet pavement?

A smart move is to stay away from wet pavements and avoid big puddles as the skateboard wheels can quickly lose grip on smoother surfaces. When absorbed, the water can damage the skateboard and the truck's components, while the bearings will get vulnerable to rust.

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