What To Wear & How To Dress For Skateboarding With Pictures

A Skater style is all about looks and performance. Most Skaters usually love to know what to wear to Skateboard to look like an original Skater. Even if you are a beginner or professional, you can pick your favorite Skater outlook below to play your tricks efficiently.

While Skateboarding, choose to wear a Skater outfit that is flexible and comfortable. You can wear oversized Graphic T-shirts and Hoodies with cropped pants and shorts. To embrace the true Skater style, choose to wear classic Vans and Converse Sneakers. You can wear accessories like a wallet chain, logo cap, and a bum bag to add a little stylish skater look.

To make sure you dress like a Skater, you must have the following knowledge about Skater’s general style:

How To Dress Like A Skater?

how to dress like a skater

The Skater dress code can give you some new casual, and cool Skater look. Therefore, the modern Skater feels passionate to pick a specific type of skating shoes, along with casual T-shirts and pants. However, there are different skater styles, and to dress like a skater, always go for a classic Skater outfit. And Pick it with confidence!

Here is a detailed guide to help you choose the perfect men’s Skater outfit for Skateboarding:

1. Skating is all about choosing comfort

A true skater will always choose to wear a dress that is more comfortable than fancy. While a Skater performs his tricks, he should keep in mind to wear practical, non-restrictive clothes ready to get shabby.

It is best to wear a loose and casual Skater outfit to ensure you perform every possible stance in a relaxed manner.

2. Choose to wear flexible, flat-soled shoes for grip

The Skater shoes are the limelight of the Skater’s dressing style. They tend to hold the grip of your board. Thus, to ensure you get the right skating shoes with extra stitching, go for some best Skater brands like eS, DVS, Fallen, Supra, Vans, Circa, DC, Emerica’s, Converse, Adio, Etnies, and Lakai.

Moreover, to rock the real skater vibes, allow your shoes to rip off over time. And show your hard work!

3. Pick the classic Skater brands

If you want to have a perfect ready-made Skater outfit, you can quickly check out the following Skater brands: Element, Baker, Analog, QuickSilver, Volcom, Vans, and Billabong.

Some other top brands that offer trendy Skater dress styles include Bianca Chandon, Dime, All Timers, Supreme, Antihero, and Palace.

4. Follow a casual outlook

A skater style is easy to embrace as it is more about a casual sport look instead of getting a fancy brand name. So, choose to wear Skater outfits that are stylish and casual at the same time. For instance, Graphic T-shirts, Hoodies, and a pair of pants/shorts with sneakers can do the overall magic for you.

Thus, an original Skater style doesn’t need to wear Skating-brand gear all the time and spend your money on expensive stuff. By doing so, you will look more like a poser rather than a Skater.

5. Make sure safety measures are followed

It is important to always wear the proper safety gear. Along with other accessories, make sure you are wearing a helmet and appropriate clothing so that your body stays protected from any injuries during skateboarding.

Skater Outfit Guys

skater outfit guys

The Skater outfit for guys came into the trend with Skateboarding’s improvement in the 60s and 70s. While in the 90s, it became a worldwide sport along with a specific Skate culture and fashion for men.

There are several Skater Outfits for guys with a variety of styles. The best part of these styles is to swap the garments and make a Skate-wear of your own. Most Skaters choose to look stylish and casual at the same time. So, they prefer to wear flexible clothes and shoes while performing tricks.

For a more casual Skater outfit, wear tight jeans, flat-soled shoes with bright or neutral color, and a casual fitted T-shirt. While, if you want to pick a Hipster Skater outfit, Choose to wear a leather jacket along with a beanie or snapback.

On the other hand, if you are a Skateboarding enthusiast and think of wearing an appropriate Skater dress, you should first practice the skills. By doing so, your focus will move on Skateboarding while at the same time getting ready to embrace the original Skateboarding fashion sense. Thus, it will help you in selecting the best Skater outfit while you perform your tricks.

1. What Shoes To Wear Skateboarding?

skateboarding shoes

Skateboarding Shoes make your Skater style look complete. They are useful as they support and hold the grip on your board.

Skateboarding is all about making stances, so it is good to wear The Old School and State High Shoes. These flat sole shoes are durable and come at an affordable price. The good point is they have neutral colors and can be paired with your Skater outfit to give you a classic look.

If you are more into the Skateboarding fashion of the 90s, go for high-top sneakers like Converse All-Stars, or Sk8-Hi’s. For a more original Skate style, choose to wear brand shoes that offer low-top sneakers such as Vans.

2. What kind of pants do skaters wear?

skateboarding pants

If you perform tricks and turns, it is best to wear Skating Pants that are roomy and comfortable. It is because tight jeans will make your legs stiff while sweatpants are too loose to carry. So, what pants do skaters wear?

Skaters usually wear Cargo-pants or Work-pants like those from Dickies for a trendy Skater outlook. They are one of the best options due to their fine stitching. Also, to add a little color of modern fashion to your Skater style, Chinos pants are preferred.

The right way to pair your Skaters pants is to fold straight-leg pants to a couple of inches above your ankles. Or, choose to wear cropped, wide-leg design pants.

3. Skateboarding T-Shirts

skateboarding t-shirts

A Graphic T-shirt is the real game-changer for a perfect Skater style. Go for T-shirts that are loose and oversized. For a more relaxed skater look, get a t-shirt from Dickie or Carhartt with a brand name on it. You can also design it with your favorite image, slogan, or logo.

Layering your T-shirt with different styles, especially with a pair of an open over-shirt, can give you some real Skater vibes. And if you want to match with the 70s Skater’s style, the baseball-style shirt is on the trend list.

Choose to wear shirts with contrasting colors and crew-neck cuts to enhance your classic Skater style.

4. Skateboard Shorts

skateboarding shorts

A good pair of skateboard shorts this summer shall make your skateboarding fashion look more relaxed and classy. Thus, to get a perfect Skater style, Shorts are one of the treasured items. It is good to pick loose-fitted shorts and a pair that finishes at your knees.

For a more casual Skater outlook, choose to wear Cargo Shorts with large pockets. They will do an excellent job while you play your tricks safely. Finally, you can match your cargo shorts with an oversized T-shirt and a pair of classic Skate shoes to complete your outfit.

However, if you are interested in modern Skater styles, you can opt for a pair of cut-long and wide pair of Chino Shorts.

5. Skateboarding Hoodies To Wear

skateboarding hoodies

Among men’s Skate clothes, Skateboarding Hoodies are the most comfortable ones to wear. You can swap between your favorite Skater Style and your hoodie, such as from weekend looks to work-wear outlook.

They are easy to pair with any of your Skater’s outfits. For instance, you can match your Hoodie with cropped trousers and Skater shoes to give you real Skater vibes.

During winters, you can also pair your Hoodie with a coat and jacket. All you need to do is pick a Skater style that is loose and thick. You can rock a fabulous Hoodie style like a real Skater style with a logo or graphic print on it.

6. Accessories

skateboarding accessories

To make your Skating style look more like a ninja professional, you can go for some great accessories like:

  • Grab a classic wallet chain to add a class to your Skateboarding fashion. It was introduced to secure wallets while performing stances like Ollies and 360s. Although they are not much in trend, you can rock it with your Skater outlook.
  • For a more trendy Skater style, go for high street brands that brought Baseball Caps and White Sport Socks into fashion.
  • To match your vibes with the 90’s Skater style, opt for a Bucket hat and bum bag.
  • Lastly, try to wear something comfortable and easy to carry, like Tube Socks along with a Backpack and logo cap.


To wrap up, you can embrace a perfect Skater style with the guide mentioned above. It ranges from a casual outlook to a more trendy Skateboarding fashion. All you need to do is customize your favorite items that suit you best.

You can also go for top-rated brands to have plenty of choices when choosing for best Skater clothes. It is usually the 90s skateboarding fashion that is followed by the modern Skaters. It gives them a classic style and makes them look like real skaters.

Whereas, for a more stylish Skater outlook for guys, the style goes like wearing a Hoodie with a pair of leather jackets, cropped trousers, and Converse Skating shoes. Also, different accessories are added to the Skater style to give a fashionable look.

Lastly, while you play the tricks and moves, all these Skaters wear tend to provide flexibility and comfort along with Skateboarding fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can I wear a thrasher if I don’t skate?

Yes, you can wear a thrasher even if you do not Skate. Although Skate brands are commonly associated with Skateboarding products, you can wear the thrasher outfit and rock it the way you want to.

Can I wear a skater dress to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear a Skater dress to a wedding as they are comfortable and easy to carry. They are made to fulfill double-duty as classic Skatewear and are also perfect for formal/fashionable occasions.

Are converse skating shoes?

Yes, Converse shoes like All-stars and Sk8-Hi’s Vans are high-top Sneakers that come under the category of Skating Shoes. They are comfortable, durable, and follow the vibes of the 90s skateboarding style.

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