Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard – Which Is Better?

Technology has been developing day by day. Therefore, each day new gadgets are evolving and are getting their way to the marketplace. Moreover, each device catches the attention of the buyer due to its remarkable features and considerable performance.

Is it Really Worth it to Buy a Onewheel Over an Electric Skateboard?

Both electric skateboards and onewheels are equally unique, amazing, and desirable. So, It really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you are looking for easy to drive, safer to use, light in weight, more speed, and range then you should buy an electric skateboard.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your journey more than the destination then you should choose a onewheel. Because onewheels are all about control (surprisingly), more fun, and good for exploring new terrains.

So, taking things into detail, I’ve put together a head-to-head comparison of onewheel vs electric skateboard for you to choose what is best for you.

Onewheel Vs Electric Skateboard: Which Should You Get?

A comparison of the electric skateboard and onewheel skateboard has been given. Hopefully, onewheel vs. electric skateboard, the head-to-head guide will let you know the differences between these two skating boards. Well, I am confident that after a review of this article, you would be able to know which should you get.

1. Fun Factor: Thrilling and eye-catching rides

Onewheel vs Electric Skateboard fun

Onewheel always gives me a smooth and floaty feeling.  Its a big wheel, helps get the balance while riding the board. I feel like floating over the clouds. Above all, it is quiet and does not make noise.

On the other hand, the electric skateboard also gives a smooth and comfortable feel. But, as far as my personal experience is concerned, I had great fun while riding onewheel. It is an attention-getting experience, both for the rider and those around them.

  • Fun Factor Winner: Onewheel

2. Learning Curve

onewheel vs electric skateboard learning

The electric skateboard is more relaxing and pretty straightforward to learn than onewheel. If you have learned to stand up on any skateboard, then it is quite easy to learn to ride an electric skateboard.

The onewheel is quite challenging to learn as one should get the required skills, practice, and experience to ride it. But when you get the skill and control over the board then you feel a sense of security. And that takes the riding experience to another level.

Overall. Electric skateboards are easy to learn just like any other board, but the Onewheel is a little different, so it takes a little more time to master it.

  • Learning Curve Winner: Electric Skateboard

3. Speed: Why are electric skateboards faster than onewheels?

onewheel vs electric skateboard speed

The electric skateboard is not only easy to drive but at the same time offers a very high speed. For instance, the electric skateboard travels up to 30 Km/h, but I felt that on a smooth road without bumps, the board travels even at a higher speed.

On the other side, onewheel is relatively slower than an electric skateboard. The maximum speed I got with one wheel skateboard was only 20 Km/h, which is relatively low compared to onewheel skateboard.

Four wheels, powerful motors, and long ranges, plus no risk of nose-diving make the electric skateboards faster than onewheels.

  • Speed Winner: Electric Skateboard

4. Range: How far can you really go?

My personal experience says that the range of an electric skateboard is unbeatable compared to the onewheel. For instance, the electric skating board offers a long and highly remarkable range of 20 to 25 miles. While on the other hand, the one-wheel skateboard provides 6 to 8 miles only.

I would prefer an electric skateboard over one wheel when it comes to range. Additionally, if the electric skateboard battery runs out, you can still use it as a regular skateboard. The other way around is that if onewheel’s battery dies, you can no longer ride it.

  • Range Winner: Electric Skateboard

5. Controlling Onewheel Vs Electric Skateboard

Controlling Onewheel Vs Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard always comes along with a remote to control the speed and many other factors. It is, however, a bit risky to ride an electric skateboard with remote control since it may run out of its battery or you may accidentally break it. As a result, the electric skateboard becomes challenging to maneuver.

The onewheel does not have a remote controller. A rider can control both speed and direction with the body by positioning and moving. There are many ways in which the onewheel can provide you with a new riding experience, but what makes it so impressive is how its ability to have you using your body in a new way makes it seem like you’re doing something very unique.

  • Control Winner: Onewheel

6. Safety Factor

Well, safety is an essential factor that no one can ignore. All the skateboards are equally dangerous and involve many risks, and the same is with the onewheel and electric skateboards.

The onewheel is difficult to balance while riding beyond its limits, which may result in a onewheel nosedive.  That may lead to some serious physical injuries, so controlling the speed and balancing the board is crucial.

As compared to the onewheels, the electric skateboards are a little bit safer and more comfortable to ride as one can easily balance while riding which reduces the risk factor and makes it easy and safe to ride. Therefore, I prefer electric skateboards over onewheels in terms of safety.

  • Safety Factor Winner: Electric Skateboard

7. Battery Life

With the advancement of technology, as everything is getting better, electric sports gadgets are also improving each day. Consequently, there are several e-boards with amazing battery timings available on the market.

The one-wheel and electric skateboard; can travel more than 10Km per charge. No doubt it is a remarkable and appreciable performance which you can get.

But keep in mind one-wheel motorized skateboards need more energy. As it is tough to balance these boards, therefore they require more energy. As a result, you may cover a little distance with a onewheel. But in electric skating boards, you can easily balance the skating board; therefore, it can easily cover an incredible distance.

In the case of onewheel, if the battery dies, one will have to carry more than 10 Kg along with you. Therefore, I prefer the electric skating board over the onewheel with all of these facts if the battery is dead, you can keep riding the board just like the traditional boards.

  • Battery Life Winner: Electric Skateboard

8. Portability: Which one is heavier?

carrying electric skateboard

The electric skateboard’s footprints are appreciably smaller than the one-wheel; so one can easily carry them up or down the stairs. Onewheel weighs around 25 lbs, which is heavier than most electric skateboard models weighing about 15 lbs.

Electric skateboards are ideal if you search for a board that is lightweight and easy to carry. Above all, the electric skating boards are tough, rigid, and inflexible; therefore, one can carry them without stress.

  • Portability Factor Winner: Electric Skateboard

9. Weight: Which one is easy to carry?

The onewheel weighs around 25 lbs, which is very difficult to carry. The electric skateboards, on the other hand, are much lighter in weight ( mostly 10-16 lbs in weight) thanks to their minimal features, and can therefore be easily carried over long distances.

Due to this, an electric skating board is recommended over a one-wheel board when it comes to carrying it with you.

  • Weight Winner: Electric Skateboard

10. Ride Experience

The electric skateboard enables one to get more control over the board. Therefore, the rider can easily balance himself and enjoy the ride for a long time. Moreover, you can easily control the board with electric remote control connected to it.

With Onewheel, riding is like nothing you have ever experienced before. You can go anywhere to explore new challenging terrains. However, it does take some time and skill to learn how to use the board. Therefore, only a well-experienced rider can get the best out of it.

You can go for an electric skateboard for a more peaceful ride or for daily commuting, but when it comes to a thrill and enjoyable ride with your friends, you can’t beat onewheel. Therefore, I guess it depends on what you’re looking for.

  • Ride Experience Winner: Tie

11. Maneuverability

Electric skateboards are good for carving and turning, but the Onewheels are better as being an expert rider, one can turn at 90o or 180O easily. The Onewheel can turn around within its own length, whereas other electric skateboards cannot, so in terms of turning radius, it cannot compete with an electric skateboard that requires a large turning radius.

I’ve found that I can travel through crowded areas very easily using the onewheel, as I can make sharp turns much easier than I can with the electric skateboard, which is equally great, but the onewheel is even better.

  • Maneuverability Winner: Onewheel

12. Hill Climbing Ability

The electric skating board is more powerful and has a hill climbs rate of 25%, as they are more powerful and challenging. On the other hand, the one-wheel fails to climb the hills just as they claim.

The electric skateboard is robust and easily climbs uphill quite easily. Therefore, I recommend you electric skateboard over one-wheel.

  • Hill Climbing Ability Winner: Electric Skateboard

13. Offroad capability

onewheel vs electric skateboard off-road

Onewheel is the way to go if you are looking for off-road adventures. Although there are a lot of good electric skateboards for off-road, the onewheel version is something different.

  • Offroad capability Winner: Onewheel

14. Other Features To Consider: Onewheel vs Electric skateboard

  • Charge Time: One-wheel takes about two hours to get fully charged although some models charge quicker than this. An electric skateboard will also take 2-4 hours to get recharged; therefore, in this scenario, they both tie.
  • Build Quality: A number of bands are offering electric skateboards and onewheels built to high standards. It all depends on how much you are going to spend. In terms of the best electric skateboards, boosted boards are of great quality, while the onewheel by Future Motion is built to feel like a tank due to its high-quality build.
  • Acceleration: The electric skating board lets you get better acceleration and is highly preferred if you want to enjoy an adventurous ride.


Different types of skating boards are available in the market, and all of them have their pros and cons. But electric and onewheel electric skateboards are considered to be one of the best options. The onewheel vs electric skateboard has revealed that both the skating boards have their features. Both of them offer remarkable performance.

The onewheel is a fun ride, but the electric skateboard is much more practical for daily commuting. If you’re looking to buy an alternative mode of transportation and want something that won’t put your back out after long-term use, we recommend going with an electric skateboard like the Boosted Board or Meepo board over the onewheel. These electric skateboards are preferable over the others just because of their unique features, best quality, high power, and ease of use.

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