Are Electric Skateboards Legal? (Updated 2022)

High-tech electric skateboards have successfully entered the world of wheeled recreational devices. The ability of e-boards to ride with top speed limits makes them dangerous on the road and in other public places. Thus, the rider gets stuck if electric skateboards are legal in their country or not?

Electric skateboards are legalized based on their similarity in function with the e-scooters and e-bikes. Various Countries have set electric skateboard laws making them legal. The riders need to look out for local rules and regulations for riding. It includes e-boards with safety equipment, a steady speed limit, and a skateboarder wearing protective gear.

Using official sources, I have provided a detailed explanation of electric skateboard laws in various countries to see if it is legal to skateboard on the road? And what are the other legal requirements for safety measures?

United States

In the United States, there is no federal law concerning the legalization of electric skateboards. But each State has been given authority based on its desired needs. So, the riders should check out the proposed laws of their city.

Here are some of the popular States that provide clear electric skateboard laws.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In California?

are electric skateboards legal in california

The California 1970s Law banned motorized boards due to their usage of gasoline and making noise pollution. While the electric skateboard law passed in California Assembly (Bill-604) allows riding of an “Electrically motorized board” in the state as long as it follows certain guidelines.

  • The riding of an electric skateboard is not allowed for the intoxicated rider.
  • The rider must wear a helmet while driving an electrically motorized skateboard on a road and other public pathways.
  • The age criteria for an e-board rider is 16 and above.
  • The speed limit is restricted to 35mph or less. The average power of an e-board must be 1000W or less with a max speed of 20 mph.
  • Riding the electric skateboard in public places more than 15 mph is prohibited.
  • The e-board must be properly equipped with safety tools such as a headlight and reflectors.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Texas?

are electric skateboards legal in texas

The Texas electric skateboard law is linked to the rules and regulations applied to “Motor-Assisted Scooters”, as follows:

  • The riding of an electric skateboard on Texas’ streets and highways must not exceed the speed limit of 35 mph. While the rider is only allowed to cross the road junction at the posted speed limit.
  • The rider is allowed to drive e-board in a bicycle lane or on the sidewalk with his desired speed limit.
  • The law has given authority to the State County and Municipality to prohibit and limit electric skateboard riding. It is to ensure proper safety requirements.
  • Riding an e-board during nighttime must be avoided unless it is equipped with a light system.
  • Although there is no mention of wearing protective gear the rider must ensure to do so for his safety.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In San Diego?

are electric skateboards legal in san diego

The San Diego Municipal Code for electric skateboard law has made it unlawful to drive the e-board in an open roadway, sidewalk, public place, or any other private area. However, the rider can operate the electrically motorized board on a highway with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

It is illegal to drive an electric skateboard between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am in certain places. These include Mission Beach Community, Ocean Front Walk, and Public Sidewalks around the Bay.

The e-board rider must avoid crossing the ways with pedestrians and ensure to take care of safety measures during traffic.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Florida?

are electric skateboards legal in florida

The implementation of Florida Electric skateboard Laws is very strict. The rider must register the e-board for riding it legally. The only legal place for riding an e-board is a private place such as a driveway or gated community. While driving on streets the rider must maintain the speed limit of 25 mph.

It would be considered illegal to drive e-board public places and even on sidewalks or bike paths. Despite all these rules, the Florida Cops Department imposes no such strictness on riding the electric skateboard.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In NYC?

are electric skateboards legal in nyc

The electric skateboard falls under the category of e-scooters and e-bikes. According to the NYC Leader agreement, these previously banned motorized vehicles are now considered legal within the city. The best spots for riding electric skateboards in NYC are Randall’s Island and Wards Island Park.

It is best to follow the rules of other miniature electric devices. It is because to ensure cautionary measures while driving e-board in NYC.

The populated sidewalks and streets are prohibited from riding e-boards. The speed limit set for the e-boards is 15 mph. The riders under 18 years must wear a helmet for safety.

But, watch out for the local regulations as some communities do allow riding on unpopulated streets. The rider needs to take great care of traffic rules and pedestrian crossing.


There are no standard European Union regulations for an electric skateboard in Europe. So, various laws are devised by specific Countries. They mark e-boards under the category of Light Electric Vehicles.

The detailed guideline of Electric Skateboard laws in popular European Countries is as follows:

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Germany?

 are electric skateboards legal in germany

The electric skateboard law of Germany considers riding e-boards for sports activity. It is illegal to ride an e-board without registration and insurance. Thus, attach a sticker that includes all necessary details of vehicle identification.

The riding of an electric skateboard on private properties is allowed with a fixed speed limit. The rider will have to follow local regulations for the path he chooses. While at present, a draft is being initiated to permit the riding of light electric vehicles including e-boards in public places.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Ireland?

are electric skateboards legal in ireland

The Electric Skateboards are considered to share properties with Mechanically Powered Vehicles (MPV) under The Road Traffic Act 1961. The e-boards are therefore illegal in Ireland. Like all other vehicles they must follow certain rules and regulations:

The e-boards that exceed the speed limit of 45 mph must be insured, taxed, and registered. It is to ensure they are roadworthy and conform to EU regulations. If the riders take care of all these precautions, they can quickly get through all the legal inquiries.

The rider must apply for a riding license and wear protective gear to ensure safety.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Italy?

are electric skateboards legal in italy

It is legal to ride an electric skateboard in Italy. The e-board must have a max speed capacity of 20-25mph. Every city has set its local regulations for the riding of e-board. It means the rider has to watch out for the specific rules of urban areas, sidewalks, bike paths, streets, and on roads.

It is prohibited to ride e-boards on pavements in Italy. And the rider must take care of pedestrian crossing. The e-board must come fully equipped with protective gear to ensure safety. The riders must wear a helmet and ride at low speed.

Always show respect towards Cops on the legal inquiry of your e-board.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Norway?

are electric skateboards legal in norway

The electric skateboard law in Norway has currently legalized electric skateboards. They are considered to function just like bicycles. Thus, the rider can drive e-board at private and public places with the following rules and regulations:

  • The legal speed limit of riding an electric skateboard is 12 mph.
  • The e-board must come with safety equipment such as headlights, tail lights, reflectors, and a horn for signaling.
  • The law does not need any form of registration, taxing, or insurance of e-board. So you can easily ride on public roads.
  • An e-board with measurable braking power is usually preferred. But an exception can occur if e-boards do not fit the required equipment.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Spain?

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In spain

The Spanish National Traffic Directorate (DGT) has initiated the Royal Law Draft using Personal Mobility Devices that include eSk8 and e-scooters. That means electric skateboards are legal in Spain with following rules and regulations as per the city.

  • As per the local regulations, the rider can also drive the e-boards along the road or on the sidewalk, pedestrian areas, and public parks.
  • No license or insurance of the e-board is needed unless the authority asks for it.
  • Some other cities in Spain include age criteria for the rider. It must be 15y in Madrid and 16y in Barcelona. The rider must wear a helmet and buy an e-board equipped with safety gear. The speed limit must not exceed 12mph.

Other Countries

There are no strict electric skateboard laws present in countries like Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Each state has given authority to the local governments for implementing possible safety measures.

A detailed guide for electric skateboard laws in these countries is as follows:

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Australia?

are electric skateboards legal in australia

The Australia Road Rules categorizes Electric Skateboard as “wheeled recreational devices.” It means the e-board must be similar to a motorized scooter. The rules have labeled the riders as pedestrians.

  • It is legal nationwide to ride e-board on sidewalks and roads. The rider must take care of pedestrians and remain on the left side. Wearing a helmet is necessary on roads.
  • Riding e-boards on roads with a speed limit greater than 32 mph, dividing line, median strip, and one-way are prohibited. Also, riding during nighttime is not allowed.
  • The local authorities may add specific regulations to the already present laws.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Canada?

are electric skateboards legal in canada

There are no specific electric skateboard laws in Canada about the legalization of e-board. Each state and municipality can put forward its own rules and regulations.

In Canada, e-boards are illegal to use on the road as the British Columbia province differentiates them from motor vehicles. And do not meet the safety measures of the Motor Vehicle Act.

The state allows the rider to operate e-boards on private property and pathways only. They must obey the Cops on the inquiry of speed limit to ensure safety precautions. Or else the rider would receive a ticket.

For a more detailed law analysis regarding e-board, we can check out the laws for hoverboards or Solowheels as they have similar functioning.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In Singapore?

are electric skateboards legal in singapore

The Active Mobility Bill and Shared Mobility Enterprises have marked Electric Skateboards illegal on footpaths since Feb 2020. But, it is legal to ride on cycle lanes or bicycle paths. Always watch out for the signboards and avoid riding in prohibited areas like roads and highways.

The rider must watch out for the speed limit between 15km/h and 25km/h. The electric skateboard must be 700mm wide with a max weight of 20kg. It is best to attach a sticker with vehicle identification. Always be polite with the Police officer on legal inquiries.


The electric skateboard falls under the category of motorized vehicles. It thus makes the e-board follow the same pattern of rules and regulations as for electric scooters and bicycles. Also, they possess the same speed limit and safety measures.

Various countries lack in devising up-to-date electric skateboard laws. But, we can follow the local rules for more information. There is no strict law in the United States for making e-boards legal. It is legal to ride on unpopulated roads with a lower speed limit.

However, in European countries, the legalization of e-boards varies. In some states, the riding of e-board on sidewalks and public places is not allowed. And some do share this facility.

Also, the rider must register the e-board for safety purposes. But, you may find no such strict laws in other countries. They allow riding e-board on sidewalks and bicycle paths under a steady speed limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it illegal to ride a skateboard without a helmet?

Most electric skateboard state laws mention wearing a helmet for a rider under 18. It is so because to ensure riders safety measures. However, it is not illegal riding a skateboard without a helmet.

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