How to Carve On An Electric Skateboard? (Easy Guide)

Electric skateboards are lightweight and can be carried away anywhere, anytime, so walking seems a bit lousy. Skateboarding also comes with a few very appealing tricks; carving is the most renowned of all of these. So, how to carve on an electric skateboard?

Carving is a basic technique that can be performed on a skateboard, whether you are moving downhill, doing some vertical skating, or cruising on the street. You can always carve by leaning in the direction you want to carve and bending your knees if you want some extra momentum, and by using your shoulders, you can steer your skateboard.

For carving safely, you must consider the information related to carving, i.e., the best suitable skateboard for carving, basic and advanced skills for carving, and maintaining your skateboard while carving. So, you get to achieve mastery of skateboarding techniques.

How To Carve On An Electric Skateboard Like A Pro?

Skateboarding is fun itself, to begin with, but carving takes it to another level. It brings a thrilling sensation to your body as it’s not an easy task to do, but if you want to do it, you have to follow the following steps to do it correctly.

Picking up the Right Board for Carving

Choose the best electric skateboard for carving having at least 20 Cm wide. The bigger the wheels, the better the balance will; choose a skateboard having a tire diameter of at least 2.4 inches as this type of skateboard is best suitable for carving in carving bowls and the parks.

Learning the basic skills

Get to know the stationary balance point of your skateboard and try to balance it accordingly and be safer with these tips:

  • Choose a flat surface to begin with; slowly press the throttle so that the board starts moving. Don’t get jerky with the controls, and keep your eyes on your front side, not in the downward direction.
  • Choose an imaginary line that will act as your referral point so that after carving, you get back to the same line and stop there. Different lines indicate different paths, and each track gives you a different speed.
  • Practice the front-side carving for this carving; you have to gain some acceleration while pressing your toes downwards and leaning forward will provide you that for the steering you can use your shoulders in this way you can learn front-side carve or inwards carving.
  • Carving is yet another move to learn. This type of carving requires a slowed-down board while you push the board with your heels and your knees bent half and your chest and back slightly in the backward direction.
  • For practice, skate downwards while bending down on your board as if sitting on it; practice back and forth carving.

All Set To Carve On Electric Skateboard Like a Pro

Carving on an Electric Skateboard

Once you have learned the basic riding skills, now you are ready to move on to the advanced carving skills.

Skating along a Half-Pipe wall

Practice skating along with a half-pipe wall; for that, you have to pick a line that gives you enough room to create an arc between you and the wall.

After that, build momentum, don’t lift your wheels, and also bend your knees, now if you don’t bend your knees or lift your wheels, you will lose the momentum, and you will have to start again.

If you see you cannot travel the whole wall, try to gain as much speed as you can by revving up the board. Hold on to your position until you roll back to the point where you started all of this.

Crave the Long Curves

Craving a big curve needs a lot of speed if you see that you can attain that speed by just throttling up your board, then go for it but if you feel the urge to gain more speed, give yourself a few more spins along the path to get extra momentum and remember to keep your knees bent. If you fail to perform carving on a skateboard or you see you are falling, return to your initial line and do it over.

Crave the Bowl’s Corner

If you pick up the line near the corner, you have to gain as much momentum as you can because the corners have more distance from the mean; take a few more spins to attain that, and keep practicing.

Teamgee H20 Mini Electric SkateboardBest Electric Skateboard for Carving in 2022

Teamgee H20 mini electric skateboard

The skateboard manufacturers offer different skateboards that are best suitable for their separate ways, but the Teamgee H20 mini electric skateboard is the best out there for carving. As it provides the following features:

It has a top speed of 38 kph with a load capacity of 290 pounds, suitable for people of almost every age.

It has 30 % more climbing capacity than that of other rivals available in the market.

With a single charge, it can go up to 30 kilometers. Also, it’s a lightweight machine so that it can be carried almost everywhere and that you can practice carving wherever you want.

It contains two 450 Watts motors, which adds up to 900 Watts capable of generating enough power which can be utilized to accelerate while carving.

Teamgee H20 mini electric skateboard is the best affordable electric skateboard available in the market. Its sleek design makes it best suitable for carving.

How To Take Care of Your Board

Carving is fun to practice; if you are learning, your board might get damaged during this process. The chances are your parents might not get you a new board soon enough, so it’s better to take care of your board.

By keeping in mind the following tips, you can manage to maintain your board:

  • Always avoid the holes or the obstacles on the road.
  • Right the bolts and the nuts holding on to your tires, you might not want them to drift off while boarding.
  • Clean your skateboard, clear out all the debris and dirt from your board, and let the battery drain zero once a month.
  • Avoid too much hot and cold also, do not let the water cover up your board fully, and store your board in a dry place.
  • Do not toss around your board; they might get damaged as they are heavy. Also, watch out for the damaged parts and repair them or replace them if needed.


When you go out there to learn to carve, the chances are you might fall off the board and get yourself hurt, but that’s okay; learn to fall; falling off is not a bad thing but staying down is. Keep practicing, keep falling one day; you will get there eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you carve on a Regular Skateboard?

Carving is a technique which can be performed based on experience regardless of electric or none electric skateboard one can perform it on any of them, but the main thing that matters is how pro you are!!

Does carving slow you down?

Not necessarily; it never slows you down, but it allows you to move more swiftly on the road, but if you are new and still learning how to carve, it's going to slow you down. You can also risk your life if you go out there and practice it on a busy road, so don't try this until you become much familiar with this technique.

What type of skateboard is best for carving?

The skateboard with a width of 20 Cm and tire diameter of 2.4 inches allows you to control the skateboard easily and much more effectively and eventually hover around the places more swiftly, performing many related tricks, including carving.

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