Electric Skateboard Top Speeds: How Fast Can You Go?

The need for speed in a high-tech electric skateboard is of primary importance whether for cruising or commuting. With the lightest-weight electric skateboard, you can easily make your ride faster. Yet, various other factors control how fast does an electric skateboard go?

The fastest electric skateboard like Nextboard can transcend to the top speed of 40-68 mph (65-110 km/ h). The average skateboard speed ranges from 18 mph to 28 mph (29-45 km/h). The electric skateboard top speed depends upon high-performance electrical and mechanical components. In this regard, the Meepo V3 electric skateboard provides a faster ride.

With the detailed study of high-performance e-board components and how do electric skateboards work, we can explore the different ways to increase the top speed.

What Makes An Electric Skateboard Faster?

what makes an electric skateboard faster

It is important not to opt for e-boards at top speed only as they will consume more power. Also, you will end up making the board heavier and affecting its portability. Thus, for a faster electric skateboard, it is best to review the efficiency of various components along with the top speed and range.

Here is a list of electrical and mechanical drive systems that work in coordination to enhance the top speed of an Electric Skateboard.

Best Motor Power

The electric skateboard speed is dependent upon motor power to reach its destination without delay. It is the high-performance dual hub motors that provide acceleration for the kick-start.

The motor comes equipped with strong batteries for energizing. They are powerful enough to carry the e-board weight and provide their riders with a higher top speed. Thus, a powerful motor will ensure to cover a longer range.

Riders Ideal Weight

Another factor to meet top speed in an electric skateboard is the rider’s ideal weight. A lighter body will cause no stress on its electrical components as compared to the heavier body. Thus, the motor will easily convert the high amount of energy to max speed.

Also, riding the electric skateboard up hills needs more grades and lighter weight. For bigger riders, the air resistance usually gets in the way and slows them down. But, electric skateboard brands ensure to build high-performance e-boards according to the desired weight.

Battery and Electronic Speed Controller

The most essential parts responsible for the top-rated electric skateboards are the battery and Controller (ESC). They supply the required amount of power to the motor for better functioning.

The battery output power should balance the motor power to get a higher max speed. Thus, a powerful motor with weak batteries will only end up in acceleration. While strong batteries will make the motor reach top speed.

The ESC is a device that processes the data in advance and commands for power supply. You can adjust the controller system to avoid limitations in speed.

Battery Capacity and Voltage Drop

A charged battery is vital to maintain the electric skateboard’s top speed. When the rider travels faster the battery quickly drains out of energy and thus lessens hitting the max speed.

For covering a longer range with top speed, it is best to ride an electric skateboard with a strong battery capacity. Also, keeping an extra battery will prove helpful in case your original battery gets empty.

The voltage drop occurs due to overloading, short-circuiting, or when accelerating. It thus decreases the power and affects the electric skateboard speed. To avoid all these issues ensure to record the charging limit for max speed in a single travel. And plan your ride accordingly!

Wheels Size and Type

The different dimensions of wheels help determine how fast do electric skateboards go. We can compare the spinning of wheels at a constant speed to find out the best wheels for top-speed electric skateboards.

The larger wheels roll faster allowing the rider to hit the higher top speed. They need greater power to spin. Thus, speed up at a slower rate and produce less torque.

But, smaller wheels roll at a slow pace allowing the rider to hit less top speed. They need lesser power to spin. Thus, speed up at a faster rate and produce more torque.

Also, an off-road or All-Terrain electric skateboard comes with specially designed wheels. They help provide a flexible ride on inclined surfaces but cause much drag with lesser top speed and range.

Terrain and Weather Condition

The Terrain and favorable weather condition also influence the top-speed electric skateboards. Most e-boards are easy to travel on smooth and flat surfaces to meet the higher top speed and cover a longer range. But, the climbing of e-board on uneven surfaces, hills, and ramps will need more energy and gives less top speed.

Also, riding an e-board in the direction of the wind will increase the top speed as compared to hitting the wind. While riding a skateboard during rain can cause some high risks along with a decrease in top speed.

High-Quality Electrical and Mechanical Parts

When a rider chooses to go for higher top speed he must ensure to buy an e-board with well-built parts. The e-board parts with strong structure and function will help absorb the vibration and other types of stresses. Thus, it will help avoid the e-board from getting damaged when cruising at max speed.

Also, for higher top speed the rider should control the remote control on a higher performance setting.

Fastest Speed On Electric Skateboard

The NextBoard created by the Slovenian start-up technology company Next Generation Vehicles (NGV) is the fastest Electric Skateboard that set the Guinness World Record in 2012. The remarkable piece was launched in the market by a renowned Slovenian Company, Next Generation Vehicle (NGV).

The thrill-seeker Mischo Erban conducted his cruising on NGV Prototype at Portorož Airport in Piran, Slovenia. He is known for playing with speed and mastering the dangers. The risky ride made the highest top speed of 68 mph (110 km/h) at a distance of 100m.

It is the huge 6kg computer hard drive along with powerful customized 28 magnetic pole motors that energize the e-board with 8kW. It ensures to balance the torque and precision level at a slower speed when the board is not accelerating.

The battery possesses a high power/weight ratio and gets charged in 1.5 hours to cover the range of 9 miles max. While the deck is made from carbon fiber chassis to ensure it is light-weighted and perfect for cruising.

The motorized four wheels consist of Scorpion motors with two Tattu 6S batteries. It ensures a stable ride at a much faster speed. The All-Terrain wheels have built-in traction control and an anti-lock regenerative braking system to make the ride favorable on steep surfaces at 25%.

Meepo V3 – Fastest Electric Skateboard You Can Buy In 2021

fastest electric skateboard you can buy

The Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard is an impressive achievement that provides an ideal top speed of 45 km/h and covers a range of 20 miles. The various factor involved in attaining the top speed in this e-board is as follows:

The e-board comes equipped with strong batteries to supply enough energy to the motor. Also, a high-performance 540-Watt dual hub motor powers it. Thus, the rider can cover a longer range and climb the inclined surfaces at 30%.

The wheels of the Meepo V3 are all powered equally for better functioning. Its larger diameter wheel maintains the acceleration and spins faster. Thus, makes the ride favorable on rough surfaces.

The upgraded version of ESC helps the rider with a smooth kick-start and effective braking system. The rider can easily adjust the controlling system to maintain the speed limit.

Due to its lightest weight of 17 pounds, it can balance the rider’s weight accurately. Thus, provides them a flexible and comfortable ride even at a much higher speed.
The deck of the Meepo V3 e-board has enough stability to handle the stress and friction.

It comes equipped with other high-quality accessories such as M4 Remote to adjust the speed limit.


The electric skateboard brands are always planning to upgrade electric skateboards for a faster riding experience. It is vital to consider the powerful electric skateboard components in hitting the top speed limit.

It is the powerful motors with strong batteries that make the e-board go faster. While the wheels can also do wonders in this regard. Another factor that enhances the speed limit is Electronic Speed Controller. You will also need a fully charged battery for a faster ride.

Lastly, smooth surfaces and favorable weather conditions make the ride comfortable and increase the top speed. But, in attaining max speed you must strictly follow the safety measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an electric skateboard go faster?

Choose e-boards with powerful motors and strong batteries that supply efficient power for top speed. For faster e-boards swap your wheels with the bigger size or opt for smaller wheels for more acceleration. Ride on a smooth surface and choose favorable weather conditions to make your e-board go faster.

Are electric skateboards safe?

No, with the higher top speed electric skateboard becomes more dangerous. You must wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, and knee and elbow pads to avoid getting injured.

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