Top 12 Best Electric Skateboard Brands in 2022

If you have ever been on a skateboard, chances are that it was powered by your foot. However, today there is a new kind of skateboard that is taking the world by storm- electric skateboards! Electric boards use batteries to power an electric motor and produce speeds up to 30 mph.

This makes them faster than traditional skateboards and they also don’t require as much physical exertion as normal skateboards. If you’re ready for some fun times on wheels without having to put in all the effort yourself, check out these top brands of electric skateboards!

The Top 12 Best Electric Skateboard brands in 2022 include:

  • Boosted
  • Meepo
  • Teamgee
  • Skatebolt
  • Maxfind
  • Blitzart
  • Evolve
  • WowGo
  • Acton
  • Swagtron
  • Atom Longboards
  • Mellow Boards

All these Electric Skateboard brands promise to offer some best budget electric skateboards with unique features and specifications that we are about to explore down below.

Benefits Of Choosing A Reliable Brand

A variety of Electric Skateboard brands have made their mark in the sports industry. All these competing brands ensure to provide high-quality and durable e-boards. However, it can get tricky for the rider to know which electric Skateboard brands will make their money worth spending.

To earn plenty of offers, a reliable brand of electric skateboards comes with remarkable benefits. Although you may find them expensive, you will indeed not compromise quality over quantity.

Here is a list of a few basic things for why to choose a reliable brand:

  • The best electric skateboard brands will provide high-quality products that are selected through extensive tests. They focus on the durability of the components so they can handle the damage of daily commutes.
  • Good customer service will help you with the repair and return policy of your boards. So always check out for this option!
  • The top electric skateboard brands are always in search of featuring upgraded electronics. They develop waterproof and heat-resistant motors and promote top-speed e-boards to cover a long-range.

Top Electric Skateboard Brands in 2022

The market is completely saturated with top electric skateboard brands. Therefore, it becomes challenging for the potential buyer to explore what the best electric skateboard brands are?

It is suggested to opt for reliable brands that produce high-performance electric skateboards and the best up-to-date features and specifications. A renowned brand stands out from the rest of the others by always meeting its customers’ desired needs.

Here is a detailed guide of the best electric skateboard brands to help you make a perfect choice.

1. Boosted

Boosted electric skate board brand

Boosted is one of the well-established reliable brands located in the Netherlands. The brand is the epitome of high-quality electric skateboards, just like the iPhone brand, making them costly. A contract of giving the best products to its customers!

Boosted Boards surprised its fans and customers when it went out of business in March 2020, despite its initial success and massive hype. Boosted USA has taken over the remaining stock of Boosted products, so you can still buy an electric skateboard if you want one.

You can quickly get free shipping for repairing and replacement of the board. The brands have various electric skateboard models and come in two classes, Dual and Dual+, that range with a top speed of (20-22) mph. The top-selling boards include Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and the Boosted Stealth.

These high-quality electric boards ensure a steady ride and possess a regenerative braking system. They have satisfactory customer service with a decent return policy.

2. Meepo

Meepo electric skate board brand

Kieran Mao founded Meepo in 2017 as one of the reputable budget electric skateboard Companies. The brand is more like an organization that set up an International E-Skate day and is looking forward to worldwide group rides contests.

The Meepo Electric Skateboard is the best option for providing durability and high-quality specifications such as 100mm stock wheels at an affordable budget plan. It guarantees to offer you a smooth ride!

A remarkable collection of Meepo electric skateboards is as follows:

NLS Pro is a comfortable ride with an upgraded speed and performance. It has got some excellent reviews from top E-skate YouTube influencers due to its upgraded ESC.

Classic 2 is the E-skate cruise beast that offers a steady ride covering a long range of 25 miles.

Meepo V3 model is the upgraded version of its previous V1, V1.5, and V2 models that in no time became top-selling boards in the US.

Meepo Mini 2 is powered by a powerful beast-like engine that has a top speed of 29 mph. This sleek little board can climb the hills at a grade of 30% max.

3. Teamgee

Teamgee electric skate board brand

The Teamgee is an innovative brand that emerged in 2016 and has gained much popularity in the Chinese market. The company owner Mr. Sun is known to be a sports enthusiast.

He has introduced high-quality electric skateboards that include Teamgee H5, Teamgee H20 39″, Teamgee H9 38″ Ultra, Teamgee H8 31″, and Teamgee Rayscoo H2J.

Among these boards, the pintail H6 is considered the cruise king in the international market. All these electric Skateboards offer extraordinary features at an affordable cost. They have max grade ability to climb up hills.

The Teamgee brand also has the best customer services available and offers a free shipping policy.

4. Skatebolt

Skatebolt electric skate board brand

The high-tech company of Skatebolt has its customer service center located in Los Angeles, California. They promise to offer high-quality and intellectualized boosted e-boards at a much lower cost.

The best electric skateboard manufactured by the Skatebolt brand includes Alouette e-boards, Tornado e-boards, Breeze e-boards, and S5 Mini Lite e-board.

The Tornado Pro Electric Skateboard provides the rider with upgraded performance. It has a high energy capacity to climb the inclined surfaces at 25%.

The best part of the e-board is its swappable motors. The board comes with a cruise control feature and covers a more extended range at great speed.

5. Maxfind

Maxfind electric skateboard brand

The Maxfind brand featured its All-Terrain and off-road Electric Skateboards in 2015 with an outstanding design construction. The two co-founders Ben and Leo were the first to introduce hub motors for e-boards at affordable prices.

The e-boards from Maxfind have a four range of series that include: Max4Pro Series, Max 2 Pro Series, FF Series, and FF Plus Series. They come with bigger wheels that can travel at a high top speed of 16mph. They have a Lithium-ion battery that is easy to recharge and lasts longer as compared to other boards.

The board comes with strong components such as aluminum trucks to ensure durability. They are the lightest boards that weigh 12.2 pounds for the children.

6. Blitzart

Blitzart electric skateboard brand

The Blitzart brand is located on the southern side of California and aims to simplify surf and longboard style. The brand wants to ensure the rider gets a fascinating experience through their Electric Skateboards.

The Blitzart Electric Skateboards have a high-quality design for all groups and ages under the affordable category. The e-board series include Blitzart Huracane, Mini Flash, Tornado, and X-Plore. They have a single motor and are suitable for beginners.

The brand offers excellent customer service and a 3-month warranty to overcome electronic defects.

7. Evolve

Evolve electric skateboard brand

The Evolve production has become a dominating force in the E-Skate after 10 years of success. They have got some satisfied customers in Sweden since 2017 and have a store of Electric Skateboards with various models in Australia.

These models include GTR All-Terrain models, GTR Bamboo 2 in 1, GTR Bamboo Street, GTR Flagship, and a mini-board Stoke. The boards are unique in their specifications and offer a built-in suspension system, high-quality performance, and durability.

The Evolve brand is similar to Boosted, with a little advancement in off-road boards and street boards. There is an option to switch between All-terrain vehicles and ordinary wheels.

While the price of the evolve brand is a little high, it also ensures to supply of the best models of e-board. So don’t be nervous while making this right decision!

8. WowGo

WowGo electric skateboard brand

The WowGo brand is all about the best innovations using the highest quality components available in the market at a much more affordable price. It was set up in 2017 with an ambition to bring joy, passion, and youthfulness into people’s lives through its services.

The co-founders Jason and Aiden invented high-performance Electric Skateboards with the finest models, such as the 3X, Classic 3, WowGo Mini, and the WowGo All-terrain.

The board’s high-efficiency, dual drive 90 motors with the batteries manufactured by Samsung, Sanyo, and Panasonic. The Skateboarding with WowGo boards is much more stable due to its Zealous steel bearings. They are durable and roll at the perfect speed.

It comes under the good electric skateboard brands due to its waterproof feature and uses high-quality glue processed in Japan to protect its electrical drive system. The best thing about these boards is strong trucks that make flexible turnings and carvings.

The organization guarantees its customers outstanding services with part replacement facilities. They provide worldwide free shipping deliverance of electric skateboards to almost 68 countries with no tax charges.

9. Acton

Acton electric skateboard brand

The Acton Company, located in California, USA, envisions designing everyday personal transportation such as electric skates, scooters, and Skateboards with infinite possibilities. With that said, they have invented the First Smart Skates.

They have an outstanding service for various grades of Skateboard riders. It has also introduced the latest electric roller skates for Skating lovers. A “Blink Series” is primarily oriented for its lighter riders. The series consists of the following four classes of decent Electric Skateboard with unique features:

Blink Lite: It is the lightest board with a weight of 7 pounds and can cover a distance of 5 miles.

S eSk8: It is designed with a regenerative battery system that ensures to cover enough range. It is a light and quick ride that covers a distance of 7 miles.

S2: High-performance dual hub motors power it, making it travel 14 miles, with the highest speed of 18mph.

QU4TRO: It is the only giant board among Blink Series that holds four hub motors. It travels 22 miles with the highest speed of 23mph.

10. Swagtron

Swagtron electric skateboard brand

Swagtron is one of the most renowned Electric Skateboard brands that offer durable boards with high-quality designs. In 2019 they promised a new line of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), including electric scooters, e-bikes, and electric skateboards.

These e-boards have a built-in suspension system that makes them strong and rigid while riding in hilly areas.

Electric skateboards come under two categories:

Voyager eSk8: It is powered by a high-efficiency dual motor of 350Watt each. It can travel a distance of 15 miles at a top speed of 15-30mph. The board’s deck is strong enough to provide stability during the ride as it is layered with eight-ply Canadian Maplewood and two-ply bamboo.

Swagboard: It is an off-road electric skateboard designed to travel on all types of grounds. It comes at an affordable price in the market due to its top speed of 11mph. Its deck comprises 7 plies Maplewood and has a grip tape attached to its surface for a stable ride.

11. Atom Longboards

Atom electric skateboard brand

Atom Electric, also known for its unlimited passion for sports, was established in 2005. It promises to offer the best innovative Electric Skateboards at a reasonable range for its power-packed features. They have introduced five eSk8 models; B.36, B.18, H.4, H.6, and B.10.

The B.36 eSk8 model is the real cruising king for beginners, having two ride modes. It is powered with a dual motor 1800W each to ensure ample speed and is best designed with waterproof and heat resistance features. It uses a lithium-ion battery to cover a long-range, and the board weighs almost 17 pounds.

The B Series comes equipped with a regenerative battery and high-performance ESC. Thus, Atom Electric brand guarantees to provide the best boards according to your desire.

12. Mellow Boards

Mellow electric skateboard brand

The Mellow Boards are the first automated electric skateboards invented in 2016 by Johannes and Kilian. They consider the mellow brand to be a lifestyle instead of just a mere product or company.

It has its root in Germany and is one of the best electric skateboard brands due to its unique drive system. The Mellow board has an electric truck that gets connected to any of your favorite decks. This mini mellow board has a strong capacity for a Super motor. Its battery is provided by Tesla and is considered safe for air travel.

It has launched a Mellow App for its Tech-Savvy customers for carrying out various operations and getting up-to-date information.


All the best Electric Skateboards brands mentioned above can’t be overlooked. They offer their customers high-efficiency and well-built, designed e-boards. You will always have to look for a brand that provides e-boards with high-performing electronics to ensure a steady ride with great speed.

All these brands come in an affordable range; however, some expensive brands ensure their riders with the perfect models. Not only this, the reliable brands had to offer some excellent customer service along with a decent return policy.

So, make the right choice and enjoy the ride!


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