Electric Skateboard VS Regular Skateboard: Head To Head

Having a skateboard is fun, but which one to buy: A push skateboard or an electric skateboard? Most people have this question in mind as push skateboards also offer smooth rides, and that too at a budget price. While on the other hand, electric skateboards are somewhat expensive, so people tend to get confused over buying them.

If you also have this question about whether an electric skateboard is better or a regular skateboard, here we are with a complete description. Following are some core features and differences among both skateboards that will help you make a better decision for the purchase.

Convenient to use for Longer Distance

Electric Skateboard vs regular Skateboard

When compared to other push skateboards, one of the best things you would probably love in the electric skateboards is that they are incredibly convenient to use for longer distances.

Push skateboards can exhaust you even on your average commute, but these electric skateboards are something to have fun with even at longer distances.

It is because these skateboards are exclusively made to contain powerful batteries with long charges, and thus, you can enjoy the ride without ever being stuck or exhausted of your ride in the midway.

Easy off-road commuting

Electric Skateboard vstraditional Skateboard

Most standard push skateboards are made exclusively to run in the streets, on straight roads, and even in the skate parks but not further. On the other hand, electric skateboards are made to run smoothly even on rough and uneven terrain.

Electric skateboards are best for people who wish to commute in a less hectic manner. One nifty feature that separates e-skates from other environmentally friendly transportation modes is the powerful motor that comes with them. This motor allows riders to tackle all sorts of terrain, something that’s not necessarily easy or as simple as public vehicles.

It is probably one of the most impressive advantages of an electric skateboard over a push skateboard, as you would want to spend money on buying a ride that can also partner with you on rough and uneven paths.

Which Is Faster?

Electric Skateboard vs push Skateboard

If you are someone who likes to carve around the streets to impress, then an electric skateboard is meant for you. It is triggered by a powerful motor that induces excellent speed to the board and allows it to handle every new trick that you perform.

The push skateboards don’t have such a powerful motor, so they cannot maintain the high speed and power that supports the tricks you might need to perform during your rides on the streets.

Traditional skateboards have a maximum velocity of about 10 miles per hour, but electric skateboards can travel much faster than that with a top speed of up to 30 mph.

Maintenance Highs And Lows

Electric longboard vs Skateboard Maintenance

No matter if it is a normal skateboard or an E-board, they all need maintenance, including cleaning of bearings, wheels, trucks, and decks in order to maintain quality.

But when it comes to electric skateboards, they require more maintenance compared to traditional skateboards. And you have to take care of these additional things.

  • For E-boards it’s always important to charge your battery after each and every use. The more you keep it charged, the longer it’ll last overall.
  • Don’t ride through water and stay away from wet patches. If you do get water stuck in your motors, allow for them to dry out before using again.

Price and Value

A Mid-quality skateboard can cost anywhere between $40 to $70, depending on the quality, brand, and quality. Some Highly quality skateboards can also cost you up to $200 but that’s rare. While Electric skateboards are usually pretty expensive compared to regular skateboards because they have so many unique features. But there are some budget options out there with boards costing $500 or less with excellent features.

Electric Skateboards Vs Push Skateboard: Head To Head

For those of you who are still confused about getting an electric skateboard or the push skateboard, there is one thing you can do: buy the electric skateboard with remote control.

It is introduced with features that can be operated both ways: a standard skateboard or motor. This way, you get a blend of both types in buying a single skateboard.


Which type of skateboard do you think is better? A traditional board with wheels, or an electric board that makes it easier to ride up hills and over long distances. We’ve shown you what each is like in this article, but the decision is ultimately up to you! If price is your main concern, then a traditional skateboard may be best for you.

However, if convenience and not sweating when riding uphill are important factors for you, then an electric skateboard might suit your needs more. For those who have never ridden either type before, we recommend starting out on a cheaper one until they get used to being on their feet while moving quickly down streets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric skateboards suitable for beginners?

The best thing about the electric skateboard is that it is best for even beginners. These are easier and safer to use compared to push boards and others. They are easier to get used to riding before the beginners ever jump to enjoying high speeds. But keep in mind that electric skateboards can deliver their power in a burst, but it would be difficult for beginners to manage that power.

How long can you ride an electric skateboard?

Average battery life for one full charge varies from the model from 10-12 miles depending on the weight of the user and how fast they go too. Batteries take around 4 hours to fully charge so if someone went out for an hour or two every day, it would be worth considering buying a spare battery if they don't already have one.

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