An Ultimate Guide To Electric Skateboard Remote Controls

Remote controls add much quality to the electric skateboard rides. In present times when electric motors have held control over modern society, electric skateboards are not of exception.

The best thing that makes them worth buying is their quality of being controlled through a remote. But what electric skateboard remote controls do you need to pair?

There are different types of electric skateboard remote controls that you get paired with your skateboards: LingYi, VESC, Hobbywing. LingYi remote controls are only compatible with LingYi ESCs, Hobbywing remote controls are compatible with Hobbywing ESC, and VESC remote controls are compatible with VESCs.

If you need to get complete details on all these types of remote controls, how these work, and which one is best suited to your needs, you are at the right place.
Let’s discuss some basics of remote controls that will help you deal with them even better.

What is an ESC? A Detailed Guide

what is an esc for electrci sktaboerd remote control

ESC refers to Electronic Speed control, which is meant to control electric vehicles’ speed, route, and other functions. It comes in both ways; a separate unit can be paired with the receiver or is united in the receiver itself. These are mainly used with radio-controlled devices that run on electric power.


An ESC is almost exclusively designed in three essential components: BEC, the Switching, and a Processor.

The BEC is a separation of ESC responsible for transmitting the power back to the receiver after transferring to the vehicle. It also has some secondary functions like keeping the power back for some flight control in dangerous situations.

When the batter operates the motor, it provides the power. It then starts running the vehicle, and some of the power is left/stored in the BEC. So, some power is never consumed by the motor.

The Processor receives and decodes the data from the receiver and regulates the power towards the motor using FETs.

The Transistor in the ESC has the critical role of performing all the works. It keeps the check on the voltage and current level of both the batter and the motor. Also, it works as a switch to control the current flow to power up the electric motor.


The primary function of the ESC is to follow the speed reference signal that changes the speed of the vehicles through its field-effect transistors. These transistors help change the motor speed, switch the frequency, or the duty cycle.

ESCs help take account of the exact phase changes through the motor rotation process. These ESCs specialize in options that control the braking, timing& direction or revolution, and acceleration.

To introduce the reverse direction of the motor, switch the three leads of the ESC towards the motor.


  • The main features of the ESC are;
  • Low voltage cutoff
  • Battery eliminator circuit
  • Brake


  • The main components used in the ESC include:
  • Negative (-) and positive (-) LIPO connections
  • Soldier Jumper for altering the direction of Rotation and for varying types of PWM input signals.
  • Solder pads for the 3-BLDC motor phases
  • GND reference of PWM Signal
  • Servo signal or input of the PWM signal

Types of ESC – Everything You Need To Know

There are two types of ESCs: Brushless and Brushed ones. The choice for any of these types entirely depends upon the specific requirements.

Brushed ESC

These ESCs are cheaper to use remotes that you can use with various RTR electric RC vehicles. It was the very first to be invented and has been there in use for several years.

Brushless ESC

ESC types of ESCs are recently invented modern advancements in technology and are a bit costlier. These are connected with the brushless motors and have more power, longevity, lightweight, and efficiency than brushed ESCs. Also, they can last for a more extended period.

How does it Work?

The primary function of an ESC is to help the rider engage in a safer and more efficient ride. When you’re using an electric vehicle, your vehicle can easily get damaged due to the interference in your steering system that causes the proper direction control to malfunction.

Since this can put you at significant risk when riding on such a sensitive device, it’s essential to use an electronic stability controller like those crafted by ESCs to keep yourself safe.

The ESC is essential, especially if one will be a part of a road trip in the USA. With it, safety will be ensured to give the driver extra control over dangerous situations so that there are no accidents or any crisis at all when one is on the road. It will help with easier riding and smooth driving.

Types of Remote Controls for Electric Skateboards

Ideally, there are three main remote controls for the electric skateboards: LingYi, VESC, Hobbywing. All these remote controls are paired with their respective boards, and thus you need to ensure that you buy the one depending upon your need and preferences.

Here is complete detail on the types of remote controls that will help you prioritize your needs and preferences.

Linyi Remote Control

Linyi Remote Control

This remote controller allows you to have better control over the skateboard. It offers hassle-free use without ever asking you to look at it during your ride.

It comes with a bigger screen that shows all the information needed for your skateboards like Current speed, Max speed, Remote and Skateboard battery level indication, Forward/Backward, Brake mode, Ride mode, ODO, and mileage of the ride.

VESC Remote Control

VESC Remote Control

It is both speed and power-regulating remote control for the board that you buy. The impressive thing is that you use it with the electric skateboard and the gocart, scooter, fighting robots, E-bike, and such.

Hobbywing Remote Control

Hobbywing Remote Control

You can easily use the mini-sized remote control to enjoy a 2.4G bi-directional communication. It comes with unique features like forwarding/backward, remote and skateboard battery level indication, gear switch, and two warning modes: vibration remind and LED flashlight to remind the user of any possible issue with the board or the remote itself.

The best thing about this remote is its hand-held design that is convenient to carry in hand while running the board, even at longer distances.

Note: The purchase of the electric skateboard makes you choose the best controller. The reason is that the LingYi remote is only compatible with LingYi ESCs, the Hobbywing remote is compatible with Hobbywing ESC, and the VESC remote is compatible with VESCs.

Best Electric Skateboards Remote Controls You Can Buy

If you are fascinated to get an electric skateboard remote control but can’t figure out which one would be best, the following list will help you decide. The below-mentioned three units are considered to be top-rated in present times.

1. PUAI Hand-held Wireless Remote Controller For Electric Skateboard

PUAI Hand-held Wireless Remote

The first remote controller on our list is this PUAI hand-held remote controller that is easy to carry and use. It comes with a powerful 180 mAh lithium battery that induces more power and helps it run as long as 8 hours after being charged only for two hours.

The best thing about this remote controller is that it comes in a highly lightweight 55g that makes it easy to carry and handle the unit even at longer distances.

This controller is rightly made for all users, from beginners to professionals. Even people with no experience can use the remote with great ease.

If you ever feel trouble using the controller after buying it or finding any problem, the maintenance point is always ready for repair and replacement. Also, customer support is there to resolve every issue.

Note: You only need to keep in mind while buying this controller because it is only compatible with LingYi ESC and not with others like Hobbywing. So, you can pair it with your Teemgee, Joking, Skatebolt, and Meepo.

2. HITECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller For Electric Skateboards

HITECH Flipsky VX2 Remote Controller

If you are looking for the best remote control for your electric skateboard you can also consider buying this remote controller from HITECH. It comes to provide you comfortable feel at hand with its high-temperature curing, ABS+ rubber spray paint surface, and Anti-hand sweat feature.

This is a wireless remote controller that comes with cruise control modes and three-speed control modes. Also, it allows you to have complete control over the steering and forward/backward along the way.

The most intimidating part of this remote controller is its excellent wireless colorful screen that gives you a real-time data reading at its 0.95 LED display.

The powerful battery allows the controller to live up for 12 hours continuously, charging only 2-3 hours on average.

This remote controller does not come along; instead, it comes in a complete package of things like a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 2.4Ghz Screen Remote VX2, VX2 Remote with a Receiver.

If you want to enjoy long 12 hours of cruising, buying this controller is probably the best choice. It is long-lasting, durable, easy to carry, and also an easy-to-use unit.

3. Vikye Mini Remote Controller For Electric Skateboards

Vikye Mini Remote Controller For Electric Skateboards

A mini remote controller by Vikye for you. It is made of high-quality, durable materials that aid the controller in living for longer and better in your service. Also, this controller is famous for its professional manufacturing, high reliability, and stable performance, which most other controllers lack to provide.

This controller is suitable to pair with most electric four-wheel skateboards. It comes having a power supply indicator light that is clear to view from even at a certain distance.

This remote controller has the immense power to control almost 90% of the electric four-wheeled skateboards at a distance maximum of 20M.

The unit is brand new in its quality and manufacturing and is guaranteed to live longer and stronger during your use. While you might have any queries or problems related to the unit, you can immediately turn to the highly supportive and responsive customer support service that is ever ready to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an electric skateboard without a remote?

While it is the best and most convenient way to use the remote control for your electric skateboards but you can also use them without it. Many electric skateboards come with remote controls ad allow you to use them manually, just like the push skateboards.

Can you use any remote for an electric skateboard?

It can be quite possible to use the remote control for different electric skateboards. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is the brand that electric skateboards are. For instance, LingYi remote is only compatible with LingYi ESCs, Hobbywing and VESC remotes are compatible with Hobbywing ESC and VESCs, respectively.

What is the best electric skateboard remote?

The best electric skateboard controller is the one that pairs best with the board. Also, the one with greater power, more battery life, which is easier to use and handle, and has multiple features to enjoy and a sleek design that can come first in our hands all of these features in a very affordable price range.

I lost my electric skateboard remote - What to do?

You can use a different receiver for your skateboard, but you first need to reprogram the ESC to allow it to accept new and different outputs. However, the best thing will be to contact the manufacturer and get a similar remote for your skateboard before you ever do that. If any of them is available near you, but if they are not available due to any reason, you can always purchase a universal remote controller. You can reprogram it to work with your skateboard.

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