Is Boosted Board Out Of Business? Who Is The New Owner?

Boosted boards stand out among other electric skateboard companies for their high-efficiency products. But with such booming popularity worldwide, their sudden downfall made its users questionable whether the Boosted Boards are out of business?

The Genuine Boosted Board remaining stock is under the responsibility of Boosted USA. It took control of all the services for supplying original Boosted Boards. They provide all type of available accessories, required spare parts, and service kits and also offers a warranty for the Boosted products.

A detailed guide about the half-achieved milestone journey of Boosted Boards and its legacy has been compiled to explore what happened to the company and from where exactly can you trust Boosted USA?

Why Is Boosted Boards Out Of Business? A Milestone Journey!

When the first electric skateboard marked its beginning in the 70s, the idea of motorized vehicles gradually began to evolve among the millennials. It thus inspired the three masterminds of Stanford engineering students.

It was the Boosted Boards who designed high-tech features and marked its presence in the industry. Their first esk8 line included Single, Dual, and Dual+ electric skateboards.

To their luck, the company was able to get Crowdfunding in association with Kickstarter. Thus, making a profitable revenue of $476,000 in just a single day.

When the e-board got purchased at the hands of famous Youtuber Chasey Neistat, it became a fancier electric skateboard and won the hearts of millions of users. This hit at one go thus became a great source of funding.

Next, Boosted Board manufactured a brand new smaller and budgeted Boosted Mini electric skateboard. And again, this attainment made immense progress, worth 450%.

However, loopholes began to appear due to the China-US trade war and affected the Boosted Board Business with immense losses. Also, the market got saturated with more reliable and cheaper electric skateboards, thus making it difficult for the company to figure out the red flag.

Lastly, the Pandemic of early 2020 came into the way of the Boosted Boards and made the company sell its stock to the Lime Scooter sharing company.

Although the Lime received its license, soon one of the Boosted USA retailers got favored. And they bought the Boosted remaining products.

Is Boosted Board Back In Business?

is boosted board back in business

The Boosted USA marked its entry for selling the remaining limited stock of Boosted Board. The business of Boosted Board thus has been shut down and is not available. So, if you are looking forward to any form of purchase, Boosted USA is the only source of contact.

Most importantly, the brand new company chose to get the original Boosted Board logo, but they are not provided with the license for manufacturing or launching any Boosted ESK8 products.

Moreover, consumers with already purchased electric skateboard products may not avail of the repairing service from the new company of Boosted USA. It is because they are a different company and have their own set of warranty services.

However, for repairing Boosted Board parts, the deal of swapping them with the Boosted Board Spare parts is available on the website. Also, purchase service kits and other electric skateboard accessories for more facilities.

Thus, for any further detailed guidance, you can check out the website of Boosted USA.

Are Boosted Boards Worth It In 2021?

are boosted boards worth it

Boosted USA has been working hard to carry out the legacy of Boosted Board. It is not just washing out the remaining stock but also helping esk8 users get the right motorized vehicle. They have their services available worldwide.

They supply the products using convenient services such as FedEx and UPS to deliver batteries and have 60 days warranty.

Thus, if you are ready to buy a boosted board in 2021, ensure to get it from Boosted USA and not from any other retailer. That is why no, services are provided for Boosted Board products bought other than the company itself.

Due to the limited stock, the only issue that users may face is not availing of the offer of updating their Boosted Board Software.

However, if you are looking for an alternative to a Boosted board, some of the best budget boards with a max top speed of 25-28 mph are:

  • Meepo V3
  • Backfire G2
  • OwnBoard W1S

Boosted Board You Can Buy In 2021

Although you may find Boosted Board products at the shops of esk8 retailers, the only authentic Boosted Board stock in 2021 is available on the website of Boosted USA.

And their product line is as follows:

  • Boosted Stealth – $1279
  • Boosted Mini X – $599 
  • Boosted Plus V3 -$1,199
  • Boosted Mini S -$ 750
  • Boosted V2 Plus -$899
  • Boosted Rev Electric Scooter -$ 1599

All the above Boosted USA product line belongs to the original manufacturer of Boosted Boards and possesses well-built features and specifications. Also, you can purchase other electric skateboard accessories for a safe and convenient ride.


To sum up, the Boosted Boards were manufactured with great care using high-tech features and specifications. The successful journey of three Stanford engineering students made a significant presence in the electric skateboard world.

With the launching of brand new Esk8 boards, the boosted board helped its business grow in a short time length. Also, their popularity was a hallmark worldwide due to having incredible Crowdfunding Associations and made them the most reliable electric Skateboard Brand.

Their products stood out due to high-efficiency batteries and top speed with an elegantly designed body. Suddenly, they lost their production level and launched new esk8 products due to the trade war and their high price range. Thus, the only solution was to hand over their business to one of their proficient retailer company.

Thus, Boosted USA took over the charge of selling remaining stock with valuable services worldwide. They also provide other Boosted Board accessories and spare parts.

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