Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? (2022)

Being a Skateboarding ninja, your traveling would be less enjoyable if you do not bring your Skateboard on a plane. You may have heard certain restrictions on the carrying of sharp objects on Airplanes and might be wondering if you can bring a skateboard on a plane or not?

Bringing a Skateboard on a plane goes under specific Airline policies. The Skateboard can be carried in the form of checked baggage or as a carry-on item. It should follow a standard baggage size and weight. However, to carry an Electric Skateboard, the battery must be taken off and placed in carry-on luggage to avoid any trouble.

Here is a complete list of Airline policies present in different major countries and some tips to pack and take your Skateboard on a plane.

Understand The Airline Policy

If you want to fly with a Skateboard on your plane, you need to discover some Airline policies. The rules and regulations of each Airline may differ according to the place and needs of the time.

Here is a list of Airline policies to be noted down:

  • The Transportation Security Administration does allow the regular Skateboard on the plane. However, different airlines prohibit bringing electric Skateboards.
  • The Electric Skateboards are under consideration due to the presence of their battery. Thus you will need to take out the battery and carry it in hand luggage for safe travel.
  • If you bring the Skateboard in your checked baggage without buying its ticket, you will have to pay an extra fee for it.
  • There is a limit on the standard baggage weight(less than 70 pounds) and size (22″ x14″ x9″).
  • While traveling in European countries across borders, the Skateboard will not be allowed to go through the security check if present as checked baggage.
  • You need to contact Airline customer service before booking the ticket. Discover the baggage policy on the official Airline website.
  • You can also email the Airline services to know whether you are allowed to bring the board on the plane or not. If it’s yes, print it off to avoid uncertainties at the Airplane.

We have also gathered the specified rules and regulations of some major Airlines around the World for your ease. Which are as follows:

1. American Airlines

can you bring a skateboard on american airlines

The Transportation Security Administration has permitted people to carry skateboards through the security door. For this reason, U.S. Domestic Airlines offer good services. You will have to bring a Skateboard in the form of checked baggage on the Airplane. Check their policy for sports equipment.

However, some of the airlines recommend carrying the Skateboard to the cabin first. These rules and regulations of domestic airlines include:

  1. Two-wheeled devices such as hoverboards are strictly prohibited.
  2. Also, there is a full restriction over the boards powered by lithium-ion batteries.
  3. However, if your electric Skateboard battery is made up of substances other than that, you can count it, and check baggage.
  4. Your Skateboard must be smaller than 126 inches and should weigh less than 70 pounds.
  5. You cannot bring Skateboards as carry-on items on the plane, but you can contact your flight provider if you need to do so.

South-west Airlines

can you take a skateboard on southwest airlines

The airlines have no strict rules about electric skateboards but for regular boards following rules are mentioned: You can also check their official Policy for carrying skateboards.

  1. Carry your Skateboard in the items of hand luggage according to the required baggage size.
  2. If your Skateboard fits under the front seat, allow it to settle with the wheels facing upwards.
  3. The overhead racks can also be used to store your Skateboard. Cover the board and trucks to avoid unwanted scratches.

2. United-Continental Airlines

can you bring a skateboard on united airlines

United Airlines makes it easy for regular skateboards to be carried on the plane. Skateboards in the Airplane can either be brought through-checked baggage or hand luggage. The length of the Skateboard to be carried on the plane must not exceed 45 inches. It’s all up to you! However, you need to avoid Electric Skateboards being taken on this plane. Check their policy for traveling with sports equipment.

Delta Airline

can you bring a skateboard on delta airlines

The second-largest airline does not provide any services for electric skateboards. Check their carry-on policy for sporting equipment. However, for regular Skateboards, note down the following regulations:

  1. Pack your Skateboard in checked baggage as carrying it in hand items is not allowed.
  2. Choose to bring linear dimensions Skateboards such that less than 115 inches.
  3. You will have to disassemble the board’s part and bring the battery in carry-on items.

Alaska Airline

Alaska Airline allows you to bring both electric and regular Skateboards but strictly bans hoverboards and other two-wheeled devices. You will have to check out the carry-on items size restriction limit. The Skateboards larger than 22 inches must be replaced with smaller boards. You can also check their policy for traveling with sporting equipment.

3. European Airlines

Traveling through European Airlines usually offers different baggage standards. Although these airlines add your board in checked baggage, you can find it easy to pass it on the plane without a security check.

All you need to know about these Airlines rules and regulations are as follows:

Air Canada

can you bring a skateboard on a plane air canada

Following guidelines are considered if you want to take Skateboard on Canada Airlines: You can also check their official site Air Canada sports equipment policy.

  1. You are allowed to take a Skateboard with a total linear length, width, and height of less than 62 inches. There is no permission granted for electric Skateboards under any circumstances.
  2. If you are willing to take the electric Skateboard on a plane, you need to disassemble it. Carry the board in checked luggage. But, there is no assurance for this case.

Ryanair Airline

The largest European Ryanair Airline does not specifically ban Electric Skateboards. You can also take the regular board on the plane. All you need to do is contact your flight assistance before packing the board. Next, if permission is granted, bring the board in your carry-on luggage. Check Ryanair Airline policy (Listed under 8.5.8).

Lufthansa Airlines

The European Airline brings forward its services for German travelers. If you are about to take a Skateboard on this Airline, check out its policy as follows:

  1. You can take the regular board on Lufthansa Airline.
  2. For electric skateboards, it is to be noted that there is a strict ban on transportation devices consisting of any form of battery.

4. Asian Airlines

Asian Airlines have variant rules and regulations regarding security issues. Mostly, they follow the conditions for items consisting of liquids, explosives, and sharp objects. For this reason, you won’t find it difficult if you can take the Skateboard on a plane or not.

In the most popular and used Airlines of Asia, such as Japan, Singapore, and China, the sports tools have a certain general rule. The security checkpoint does not pass them.

In Korean Airlines, blunt tools are prohibited. Thus, Skateboards are not allowed on planes.

It is better to bring your Skateboard in the checked baggage to avoid any last-minute uncertainties. Also, contact your Airline support system for more exact information regarding the rules of carrying a Skateboard on the plane.

5. Australian Airlines

There is no restriction on carrying the Skateboard on the plane. The rules and regulations in Australian Airlines are as follows:

  1. The only way to bring the Skateboard on Australian Planes is through-checked baggage process.
  2. As the sports equipment and sharp objects, including Skateboards, are avoided to be carried as hand luggage. They are not allowed to be passed by security checkpoints.
  3. For further information, contact the specific Airline customer service.

6. African Airlines

The most crowded African Airlines provide fair terms and conditions related to Skateboards on planes. It mostly restricts the presence of liquids, explosives, aerosols, and gels.

The luggage rules for carrying Sports equipment include:

  1. You will have to carry the board to the passenger cabin. It is to be noted that the board must fit under the seat or overhead rack.
  2. The Skateboard must be smaller than 22 inches as hand luggage should not exceed the following size limit.
  3. Thus, long skateboards are definitely of no avail unless you disassemble and pack them properly.

Here is a list of information on how to disassemble the parts and pack your Skateboard.

Tips on how to bring a skateboard on a plane?

how to bring a skateboard on a plane

You can pack and carry your long Skateboard on a plane by selecting the following methods:

Disassemble the Skateboard into smaller parts by removing trucks, wheels, and deck. One way is to place all the parts in your backpack. Another is to place the plane deck under the front seat or in the overhead box. Remember to detach the electric Skateboard battery as they are flammable.

Choose to carry small-sized Skateboards while traveling on a plane as they are easy to handle. For carrying your Skateboard with much comfort, a Sports backpack will provide you with much ease. It would help if you strapped the board onto the backpack.

Check out for wrapping the Skateboard with a plastic bag, soft cloths, or towels. It will prevent your Skateboard from getting damaged.

Lastly, to avoid any inconvenience, pack, and ship the Skateboard.


You can take the Skateboard on a plane in a variety of ways.  Airlines around the country offer variant policies for this procedure. To carry the Skateboard in check baggage or carry-on items, contact the Airline care service.

Moreover, you can also disassemble the board’s truck and wheel and place them in a backpack. If the Skateboard is of a smaller size, you can easily place it under the seat on the front side or overhead box.

However, you may find it difficult to carry electric skateboards on a plane as batteries power them. The best way is to replace the battery and carry it in your hand luggage.

Lastly, you can ride your Skateboard to an airport and then carry it with you the way it’s suitable for the Airline policies.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can you take Electric Skateboards on a plane?

Yes, you can take an Electric Skateboard on the plane if you remove the battery and put it in the carry-on luggage item. Try to contact the Airline customer service for the specific policies as they get changed over time.

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