Waterproofing The Electric Skateboard As A Non-Tech Person

An electric skateboard with all its best features and specifications will somehow make its users down if it does not support waterproof quality. But to your surprise, waterproof spray coats bring relief to this issue!

So, when knowing the risk of damaging the electric skateboard electronics, it is vital to learn how to waterproof electric skateboards?

To waterproof an Electric Skateboard, first, disassemble all the parts. Next, spray-coat the electronics with Corrosion-X and apply Conformal coating or Silicone coating. Test all the electronic systems before sealing the E-board. Another way is to use shrink wrap all around the E-board and cover the sides using solid black tape.

Thus, to save yourself from the trouble of ruining your most top-speed E-board, waterproof it with some of the best products and apply a step-by-step waterproof coating process.

How To Waterproof An Electric Skateboard As a Non-Technical Person?

waterproof your electric skateboard

Waterproofing of Electric Skateboard is essential to prevent shorting out signals from the connectors, PCB, and other electronic parts. For this purpose, different waterproof techniques take place.

Most importantly, when carrying out the process of waterproofing of E-board electronics, disconnect all the heat-conducting surfaces. For encasing the PCB, ensure it is attached inside the control box in a safe position to prevent water in touch.

For waterproofing the connectors, you need to arrange a bulky setup by choosing Deutsch Connectors. Or make sure the wires are attached with safety material. So they do not hang down. Moreover, for waterproofing, the ESC long-lasting Epoxy is used.

Another quick technique to waterproof your electric skateboard is by using Shrink Wrap around the entire board using a hairdryer.

The waterproof coating of an Electric Skateboard takes a lot of hard work. It is repeated almost every six months or depending upon the condition of your electric skateboard.

How To Waterproof Electric Skateboard Parts (Complete Guide)

Here is a step-by-step guide for waterproofing Electric Skateboard’s delicate parts such as PCB, ESC, and other E-board electronics:

  1. First, disconnect all the E-board parts with great care and ensure the surfaces have no residues of dirt.
  2. Next, get set your electric skateboard a night before by soaking the belt in a solution of Aerospace Protection for giving it enough strength and resilience.
  3. Start by placing silicone cushioning spots under the battery surface to avoid vibration effects.
  4. For screw holes, place thicker o-rings sprayed with Corrosion X around the bolts and attach them using crazy glue.
  5. Now, use a triple weather seal or any other premium seal for its installation around the mounting holes. You can also use Shrink Wrap for covering BMS while using a hairdryer or heat gun for its tightening.
  6. For insulating, the wires cover them using liquid tape.
  7. Use Corrosion X or Corrosion HD to spray coat all the electric skateboard electronics for making them perfectly hydrophobic. Also, spray-coat the electric skateboard motors both internally and externally.
  8. Next, cover the motors in carbon-fiber tape and spray over black paint.
  9. For internal sealing around the electronics, the best option is making rolls of Plumber’s Putty. Fill the spaces between the deck and the cover. In the end, compress the body to even out the extra putty stuff.
  10. Close all the bolts fairly tight for ideal waterproofing. Also, add rubber bushings or copper washers at the sides of nuts to provide safety against stress from bumps of the deck.
  11. Lastly, before sealing the entire E-board, test all the electronic parts. Also, label the motors for proper their proper attachment and functioning.
  12. Now, cover the electric skateboard outer lining and its electrical tape with silicone coatings until it becomes completely water-resistant.

Top Waterproof Products For Electric Skateboards

Here is a list of waterproof products for the protection of e-board electronics. They come up with a range of desired water-resistant properties and are effective for waterproofing.

  • Loctite 3900 Conformal Coating Aerosol Can
  • Tech Spray Turbo Conformal Coating
  • Corrosion-X __ Spray Cam Version (Standard Normal Edition)
  • Corrosion-HD __Spray bottle for dipping electronics
  • Triple Weather Seal
  • Shrink Wrap
  • O-rings for screw holes
  • Aerospace Protection
  • Crazy Glue
  • Plumber’s Putty
  • Black Silicone coating

Thus, use them to spray-coat or cover the Printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic circuits, integrated or monolithic electronic circuits, connectors, motors, and all other such parts for safety.


To sum up, you can waterproof electric skateboards using high-quality sealing products such as Conformal Coatings, silicone coating, sealing glue, and hard tape materials.

The waterproofing process starts with disconnecting all the E-board parts and cleaning the surfaces thoroughly. Then, you apply the spray-coating and test the electronics before you set to seal the products, as mentioned above, with Silicone Black liquid.

A solid piece of grip tape is attached to various surfaces for adding stability and resistance for safe riding. So you leave no enclosure left unsealed and ensure the E-board electronics and other parts get complete water resistance.

Also, a quick and easy technique to waterproof an electric skateboard is using shrink wrap all over the E-board surface and sealing the sides with hard tape to prevent water from getting inside.

Thus, you waterproof the Electric Skateboard using handy waterproof materials and techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Meepo board waterproof?

The Meepo V3 electric Skateboard has a waterproof feature the uses sealing glue and covering around the e-board cover box. However, the hub motors need to be wiped off as soon as the water hits them. For a more safe procedure, you can spray-coat them with Corrosion-X.

Is the boosted board waterproof?

The Boosted Board comes with the most reliable feature of Waterproof electronics. The ESC comes encased with sealed glue and a protective coating. No enclosure is left open and ensures a safe ride during rainy days. But, always ensure not to leave the e-board wet for too long.

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